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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

How Zazzle Collections Are Helpful In Your Searches

Did you know there are two paths of looking for matching items on Zazzle?

The first path is the designers categories and the second path is through the designers collections. 

Collections are specifically designed by store owners for customers to find a variety of products with a specific connection all in one place. 

I'm going to focus on collections for this post.
Collections are created and organized at the whim of each designer. You may find a collection that features all items in a single or similar design such as a wedding suite, bridal or baby shower suite or other special occasion. 

The examples below illustrate one of my collection suites from the PaPr Emporium store. 

This image below is the front and back design of a bridal shower invitation. 

How would you know if this is part of a collection with other products you might want for your event? The red arrow shows you where to look for the collection link. 

If you don't see a collection link in that location, you will see a row of other similarly designed products by other store owners. 

If you click that link it leads to the collection (bridal suite in this case) where you can view all the products that you might need for a special event. Now they are all in one place making your viewing easier. 

If you don't see something in a collection, please contact me and I will work with you to see if we can produce what you need.


You may find some collections that offer different products and designs but all in a specific color. There are also collections that are all the same product but with a variety of designs.

Let me know if this tip was helpful and even your thoughts on this Brunch and Bubbly design.  

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