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Wednesday, March 11, 2020

3 Simple Options I Use To Design Marketing+ Content

How often do you see inspiring well-designed posts on social media that make you want to create some of your own? 

Not only do I spend time designing for my Zazzle products, I also have marketing on my to do list. I enjoy adding interest designed marketing tidbits especially on my Instagram @TheAspenStand account. Come visit if you get a change. I share daily stories too. 

We probably see creative additions more often on business accounts rather than personal accounts but creative and interesting designs are out there and anyone can do it. 

I've used so many apps and programs over that last five years. I can't remember all the names because some apps came and went in a very short time. 

As apps disappeared, I stuck with two convenient and easy to use ones, Word Swag and Canva. I have always had access to the frugal version of Photoshop called Photoshop Elements (PSE) for design work on my products for both my Zazzle stores

I seldom use PSE now for marketing designs since Word Swag and Canva have made it easy to use from my iPhone. Yes, I'm a "boomer" but I do appreciate all that I can do with a smartphone... while using my reading glasses of course. Haha

Above are three easily designed non marketing posts I made for Instagram. I like using my photographs, as seen above as backgrounds. The other design is on a simple color background with the typography quote.

I'm not an affiliate for the apps or for PSE but recommend them because I've found them easy. As a solopreneur, time management is important and being able to make a quick design on my phone wherever I'm at is very helpful.

What programs do you use to design marketing and general content posts? 

I'd love to read your feedback so leave a comment.


  1. Hi Patricia, I use Canva occasionally, but more often use free photos and Shutter Stock, too. I like to use my own photos, too. Thanks for the post!

  2. Hi Carol,
    Thanks for stopping by to check out the post and leave a comment. I think the sites with free photos have helped many people who aren't happy using their own.

    I appreciate that Canva and Word Swag offer a way to make content for Instagram stories in the taller format.


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