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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Tips for Ease of Shopping in Zazzle Collections

Shopping on ecommerce sites definitely has it's advantages and disadvantages. Finding something you need at home right at your fingertips is a big advantage. Difficulty in finding a specific is a disadvantage. Having a bit of insight into Zazzle can turn a dis into an ad (see what I did there?).

Specific searches obviously make some things easier but if you don't know where to focus your search you may not find what you need. Since I'm always on there searching and trying to make my products easily found, I'm going to show you a search method you may not have thought about.

If you spend any time perusing the pages of Zazzle, you might have come across the page with designer collections (but odds are you haven't). It's not a page that jumps out at you unless you spend a lot of time searching there.

So let's get to showing you where to look. Go to the top of the Zazzle home page where there is a row of drop down menu titles. Cruise to the right end of that top row and click the Gifts dropdown menu then drop down to click on Designer Collections.

After following the appropriate clicks shown in the illustration above, you bring up the Trending Collections page. At the time I was preparing this post, there were 130K+ collections listed on the first page. Yes, that's a LOT of collections.

You'll notice when you begin scrolling the initial pages that these collections are just as the title reads "trending" and they are in no special order. So how can you scroll though all of them for what you want? You don't need to scroll through page after page, thankfully, you can search for collections using the search field at the top of each collection page.

I typed in Baby Shower which cut the search down to 5K+ collections. Then I narrowed it down even more by searching Sip and See which gave me 29 collections all on one page. The key is narrowing that search down to specifics like baby boy, baby girl, gender reveal, etc.

"Sip and See" New Baby Collection
Collections are designed with a variety of concepts in mind. Each designer decides how to put together their specific collections. You might want to search collections for coffee mugs. When you look at the collections you'll find them categorized as personalized, promotional, travel or may collections that have all the mentioned topic. One topic you will definitely find are Best Seller or  Best Selling collections. They may contain all one type product or a variety of products.

While you scroll through the collections, you may see some with a cover that features several products that give a hint to more of what's in the collections, a bold title or a single product. My multilingual thank you collection cover is an example of several products and a title.
Multilingual Thank You

It's as easy at that to get started searching for what you need using the Zazzle collections. Check out some of the links here and leave a comment and let me know your thoughts on this post.

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