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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

5 Creative Tech Ensembles to Personalize A Workspace

Does your workspace decor evolve with time? Have you tried to give your cubicle some of your personality? 

Probably the most visible items one can view in work area are photographs. Family, friends, and of course the best of the selfies. Framed, pinned to a cork board, or a cut-out print slapped on a metal cabinet with a magnet.

I'm going to offer you some ideas for office ensembles that can give your space a shot of color, pizzazz, and a glimpse of personality.


Since the keyboards are the biggest of the ensemble, here's some information on them. The USB dongle plug and play wireless keyboards are PC and Mac friendly. They measure at 17.5"x 6.75"x .75". The keyboards have a low battery LED indication with low profile keys. Keyboards runs on two AAA batteries which are included.

These colorful festive confetti toss designed tech items are found with other items in the colorful design category.

Colorful Festive Confetti Toss

Mouse Pad

The next smaller item in reference to size is the high quality, full-color printed mouse pad. It will protect your moue and desktop from scratches and debris. the mouse pad measures 9.25" x 7.75" with a non-slip backing. The printed cloth cover is dust and stain resistant. Since I've ordered several I know mouse pads, I know you will get a distinct scent upon opening the package. the scent is from the pad or the ink but after a short time out of the package, you won't smell it. 

The unique green metal weld grunge product below are among many in my store category. These can make a unique design for a shop office, garage, or man cave.

 Green Metal Weld Grunge

Wireless Mouse

The smallest and last item you might consider for a three-piece ensemble is the wireless mouse. the mouse is an easy plug-and-play installation using a USB dongle that is Mac and PC friendly. It uses two AAA batteries that are included. It has a low battery LED indicator and an auto sleep function for maximum battery life. The mouse is 2.25" x 4" x 0.9".

The golden floral grunge design below was a fractal that looked like a flower so I did some editing and added vines and leaves to give it something to cling to. I like the contrast with the black background.

 golden floral yellow grunge

The three products below feature my Digital Art Curls design. You can find these three products among many featuring this design. You'll also find this design in five additional colors ~ red, yellow, blue, green, and orange. 

 Digital Art Curls

The last collection offers you my colorful espresso cup and saucer design on the keyboard, a word cloud espresso design is embedded in the mouse pad and there are three background designs on the tiled image over black, teal, and white. 

 colorful espresso cup and saucer

What give's your workspace personality? 

Leave me a comment and let me know your decor ideas and thoughts on the post. 

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