TheAspenStand: 4 Genuine Reasons to Embrace Cuddling At Home

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

4 Genuine Reasons to Embrace Cuddling At Home

Winter has arrived for many of us and it's chilly. Are you looking for unique and cozy all in one shot? Here's an idea.

Fleece blankets are a recent new arrival at Zazzle. These soft comfy blankets come in three sizes: 60" x 80" Large; 50" x 60" Medium; 30" x 40" Small

I purchased five of the large size blankets for gifts and was pleasantly surprised at the printing quality from edge to edge on the front. The back is an off-white. The sturdy double edge stitches offer a clean finish. These soft blankets are machine washable but recommended for a low tumble dry. 

The large (60+ x 80") blanket below features a recent addition to my store. Having the models hold up the blanket gives you a sense of size. 

Aspens Trunks & Snow Blend Photograph Fleece Blanket

Something to think about is that queen size mattress dimensions are 60" x 80" so the large blanket will cover the top of a bed. That means, it should fit the top of a full-size bed in the same way and fall over the edges of a twin (38" x 75"). 

I ordered one that was simply a word cloud design and was very happy with how the lettering printed. Here is my Chocolate, Almonds and Dark Chocolate Word Cloud Fleece Blanket. You can snuggle up with your personal love of chocolate. The design is a chocolate lover's dream sporting a word cloud of chocolate, dark chocolate, almonds in English, German, and French.

Here you can see how it fits draped over a love seat to give you another idea about size. You can see that it falls nearly to the floor over the back of the seat. 

Chocolate Lover's 60" x 80" Fleece Blanket

The cozy fleece blanket below is a red color splash photograph of the famous corner in Winslow, Arizona along historic Route 66. A facade was built on this corner that was made famous by the Eagles song "Take It Easy". I made the photo black and white leaving the red as a prominent element since the flatbed Ford was red.

The Famous Corner In Winslow, Arizona

This last blanket is designed from a photograph taken of a lone grizzly bear in Denali, Alaska. I loved the fall colors for the background.
Grizzly Bear In Denali, Alaska

Would you use one of these type fleece blankets as a throw over a chair or a bed? Would you just use it to cuddle up?

Leave me a comment and let me know what you think. 


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    1. Thank you, Joe. I made them all gifts since we have collected so many blankets here over the years we give some away.

  2. Very pretty! I like the one with the bear!

    1. Thank you for stopping to check out and comment on the post Carol. So far the grizzly bear is running as a favorite.


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