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Wednesday, November 22, 2017

7 Ideas To Work Together On Fun Family Memories

A lot of families STILL spend time together working on jigsaw puzzles. If you put away all the tech gear and sit around working on a community style project you might learn a few things. You might even find a new way to enjoy each other.

Puzzles come in quite a variety of shapes, sizes, and piece counts. For me the more pieces the more fun. I remember trying to finish up one while on a business trip and staying at vacation rental style accommodations. It's addicting when you know your time is limited.

But what do you do with them once they are finished? Some go back in the box but you may have some that you might like to keep. You can save those memories as I discussed in a previous post on the blog.

Let me pique your interest since Zazzle offers thousands of jigsaw puzzles by thousands of independent artists and photographers. I collected a few from Zazzle designers that I'm familiar with from online groups to share with you here.

This interesting geometric Fractal Squared 20", 676 piece square puzzle is designed by Jaclyn (Jackie) Hughes. She manages The Gift Of Sass Zazzle shop where you can find many more uniquely designed puzzles.

Fractal Squared Jigsaw Puzzle

You'll also find this fractal design titled Glowing Beauty 14" x 11", 252 piece puzzle in Jackie's store too. 

Glowing Beauty Jigsaw Puzzle

Artist Sally Lanier manages Painted Dreams Designs store on Zazzle. I found this beautiful Buckskin Tobiano Paint Horses 14" x11", 252 piece puzzle in her store.

Buckskin Tobiano Paint Horses Jigsaw Puzzle

Donna Cervelli is an artist and designer who offers wonderful original work in her Zazzle store HeART and Soul Artwork. I remember seeing her post this beautiful Summer Sunset piece on a different product and thought it would make a great puzzle. Now you get to see it as an 11" x 14", 252 piece puzzle.

Summer Sunset Jigsaw Puzzle

This Autumn Garden puzzle of Donna's is another I like since autumn is such a colorful season in some locales.

Autumn Garden Jigsaw Puzzle

Lucy Williams manages several product-specific stores on Zazzle. You'll find her English Rose Macro 8" x 10", 110 piece puzzle in her Urban_Lights store. 

English Rose Macro Floral flower Close Up Petals Jigsaw Puzzle

Now that I've got you checking out cool puzzles, I'm also sharing another method to preserve a puzzle that I found on the blog Between Naps on the Porch titled How to Save or Frame A Jigsaw Puzzle.

You can find the Blue Eyed Kitten Under Blanket at the top of the post in my store. 

Leave a comment to share your favorite puzzle story or your thoughts on this post.  


  1. Great blog Patricia and TheAspenStand. Thank you so much for including my work. The support from fellow artists and designers means a lot to me. Stay Inspired & Be creative. Donna Cervelli. HeART & Soul Artwork

    1. You are most welcome Donna. I love sharing on this blog and it's always nice to share the work of other creatives. Thank you so much for checking out the post.

  2. Thanks a million for sharing my store and my fractal puzzles! I greatly appreciate your support! Loving those other puzzles too! Great post!

  3. You are most welcome, Jackie. I love checking out all the stores to find such interesting work to share.

  4. Hi Patricia,

    I really love these beautiful puzzles! I find the cat puzzle especially wonderful, since I could never do a puzzle at all while my cat was alive. Now that she's over the rainbow bridge, I could actually work on a puzzle without her stealing all the pieces. (She'd probably think that was funny in a cat-humor kind of way.)


    1. Thank you, Carol.
      I'm so glad you liked the puzzle choices for this post. I'm so sorry to read about your cat. I do think you would find yourself wondering if there was a piece on the floor or missing after completing a puzzle you worked on now. ;-)
      Thanks again,

    2. Hi Patricia,

      Before I give away any puzzles (open ones, that is), I'm going to have to finish making them and ensure that all the pieces are there. Most of them are 1000 pieces, so I have a job ahead of me. Purrs would probably think that was funny.

      She was a great (puzzle-piece-eating) cat,

    3. Hi Carol,
      OH NO! She didn't just toss them around for a scavenger hunt, she ate them? Well that's no fun.

      A business partner and I were put up in a vacation rental for an extended job and the house had a really fun puzzle. We worked like crazy to get it done before we left and I worried we'd be missing a piece or two. But it was all there and I stayed up way later than I should have trying to get it done. Ha.

      Thanks for stopping by to check out the post.


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