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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Popular Brand Name Products On Zazzle To Customize

Did you know that you can find popular brand stores on Zazzle? You read that correctly.

If you are a fan of popular brands or looking for products featuring Disney, Marvel or a number of other brands you should check Zazzle because you may be able to personalize a product for yourself or for a very special gift.

I'm a huge fan of Hallmark's Maxine cartoons. I even have the Maxine store listed in the Special Zazzle Store collection in the right column of this blog. Since she's a fav, I'll show you what you can do to personalize some of the products in these brand stores by using the blue  Customize  button on the product page.

I found a mug that will make a great personalized gift. The post is to show you how easy it is for you to make a custom gift with it.

Maxine Status Update Coffee Mug

When you click that Customize button a new window opens. This is where you will see what is part of the design and what might be additional text.  Here you see that this design is placed on both sides of the mug. 

You can add text by clicking the blue  Add Text  button along the top. I added "Maxine Rocks!" in black Yellowtail typeface under each image. You might consider adding a name or something appropriate to you or to the giftee. You can make the comment go along the top or bottom by simply moving the text block when it appears in the center of the design. Below the design element, you can change the typeface, size, and color.

I decided that I wanted to add additional color to the background on the white ceramic mug. You can see in the image below how you can click on the color slider to select a color you might not see on the block of colors. I did some sliding of the color picker to get a color as close to the design background as possible. 

When I finished all that and liked it, I clicked the blue  Done  button. Be sure to select your preference from the two sizes and the seven mug style options offered in the right column. Once you've done that you can add your personalized design to the Shopping Cart.

Before checking out be sure to check the top of the page to see if there are any coupon codes to add for a discount at checkout. 

I hope that was helpful. Leave me your feedback on the post. I love to read comments. 


  1. Thanks for this great explanation on how to personalize a brand name product on Zazzle! Very inspiring!

    1. Thanks for checking it out and leaving a comment Larraine. I'm so glad you found it helpful. And thank you for sharing it too.

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  3. Hi Patricia,
    I love doing large puzzles, but my cat always tries to "help" by sitting on them, chewing on the pieces, and throwing them on the floor. It's frustrating with one of those big puzzles when you can't find that one last piece! Maybe if I make a custom puzzle out of a picture of HER she wouldn't trash the puzzle. What do you think?


  4. Hi Carol,

    Ha, I haven't done a jigsaw puzzle in a while for that very reason. I had to cover it with a towel and roll the towel up when I worked on it. I've seen some boxes that close up when puzzles aren't getting work done on them.

    Thanks for stopping.



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