TheAspenStand: Do You Develop Family Memories With Time On Puzzles?

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Do You Develop Family Memories With Time On Puzzles?


Puzzles are a great way of getting families and friends together to make new memories. In this age of technology, working on jigsaw puzzles is a way of breaking away from electronics, working together in a shared venture and talking face to face.

Working on puzzles is fun on vacations, weekend get-aways, shut-ins during storms and on cold weather days when going outside isn't a great option. I enjoy using my photographs to make puzzles right on Zazzle. It's even better now that we can design for puzzles up to 30" x 20" with 1014 pieces. When you have a large (small piece) puzzle the fun can last for several get-togethers, nights or weekends.

Zazzle now has seven puzzle sizes available. I recently added this photograph of horses in a pasture behind a split rail fence to the 30" x 20", 1014 piece size. This particular photograph is also available in all seven sizes which include 14" x 11", with 30 oversized pieces and 20" x 16", with 56 oversized pieces for children.

The view of one 16" x 20" with 56 oversized pieces
There's a bit of sadness when the last piece pops in finishing the masterpiece and it's pulled apart to get stored in a box again. How about making it a part of your decor or a gift to someone who helped finish it to relive the memories by preserving it as wall art?

I searched for ways to preserve a puzzle and liked what I saw in this video. This individual has a system for gluing jigsaw puzzles in order to preserve them because he has glue sealed many. He shows his style for completing the gluing. I did giggle at seeing what he uses to spread the glue.

I'm adding this additional video which shows a similar way of gluing the pieces but also shows how to frame it using a sectional frame.

I viewed a number of videos on how to frame puzzles. After seeing such a variety, I would also suggest you check with a business that frames puzzles for advice even before gluing yours. The business might offer some other recommendations for the gluing and framing.

I have not tried sealing or framing any of my completed puzzles so I would love to read the experiences any of you have had doing this.

Leave a comment to share your puzzle experiences.


  1. Hi Patricia,

    My mom loves gigantic puzzles, and she frames them and posts them on Facebook, too. She's gotten pretty fussy about which puzzles she likes, and she'll give back the ones she doesn't like! So you have to be careful to ask before giving her a gift. Do you know anyone like that?

    I guess if you have to look at one image for however many days it takes to complete a puzzle, you have the right to be fussy about that image.

    Me, I can never get through a puzzle because my cat enjoys chewing on the pieces and knocking them on the floor where they seem to get lost before anyone notices. I'm not sure I'll ever be able to finish one as long as I have a cat!

    I may have to go to a friend's house (one without cats!) if I want to finish a puzzle.


  2. Hi Carol,

    Wow, your mom sounds serious about her puzzles. ;-) I think it's great that she frames and shares them on Facebook.

    I know someone who loves gigantic puzzles too. She did van Gogh's Starry Night with 5000 pieces. It took up her whole dining room table. I had never seen a puzzle with that many pieces.

    I can't do them anymore since we got our last kitty rescue. Right now she jumps up on my stand-up desk and knocks off anything that looks like fun to play with on the floor. I have to look under the furniture all the time to find missing things. ha

    Thanks for checking out the post and commenting.


  3. Wow, your images work so well on puzzles. Great job!

    1. Thanks so much, Marina. I'm really happy that Zazzle added more sizes and piece counts to the puzzle selection.


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