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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

5 Filtered Photographs Conceived From a Challenge

Inspiration comes from a variety of places, things, and even people. I was a member of a once active social site that had a photograph group that inspired us to enter weekly challenges.

The idea of winning a challenge wasn't even tops in my mind. The thought of being challenged to do something new or different in photography or editing was what drew me into participating.

During some of those weekly challenges, I couldn't come up with piece of work to submit or wasn't happy with what I'd come up with so I enjoyed seeing the creativity of others who submitted their entries.Then there were weeks where I was very pleased with the work I had put into the photographs. These Filtered Reality challenges, as the group was known, were a great way to read constructive critiques.

I decided to start using some of the photographs that I had done during those Filtered Reality challenges as designs on Zazzle products where they fit most appropriately. This 20" square polyester throw pillow design with a color splash of goldfish plant flowers and a pink and peach butterfly ornament is one of my recent additions to the store using one of the challenge photographs. You can find other products featuring this color splash design under my Color Splash Butterfly Still Life Photograph.

Color Splash Butterfly Still Life Photograph Throw Pillow

One of my most favorite edits was of a photography I took along a segment of Old Route 66 on the corner in Winslow, Arizona. The town built a special corner after it became famous by the Eagles song "Take It Easy". The black and white photograph has a red color splash of items that were actually red in the original color photograph. You can find a variety of products featuring red color splash to include this trendy metal print below. 

Winslow Arizona Red Splash Photograph Metal Print

There is so much to see year-round where we live. Generally, I find at least one new and interesting item to photograph when I'm out walking the dogs. The next photograph was taken with my iPhone. I immediately could imagine this in sepia tone as you see it here. You can find other products including this mousepad at the Sepia Thistle Seed category in the store. 

Thistle Seed Close Up Photograph Mouse Pad

The photograph below was originally yellow and red Gerbera daisies that I had taken from a larger bouquet. I placed these two in a large black glass beer mug and shot from directly overhead. It may have been a week where the challenge was highlighting red so this was the alteration.  

Red Color Splash Gerber Daisy Photograph Card

The day our neighbors brought home an adorable Alaskan Malamute I was there to check her out. She's a BIG girl now so seeing the puppy photos is a fun reminder of her first days. I decided to isolate the tongue and rope chew toy with bone since they were the most colorful. I then decided to reduce the opacity of those two items so they aren't as brilliant as in the original color photo.  

Alaskan Malamute Puppy Color Splash Photograph Jigsaw Puzzle

Alaskan Malamute Puppy Color Splash Photograph Jigsaw Puzzle

So there you have it. Five of a number of photographs that I had fun altering then decided to add to my Zazzle products. I'd love to read your comments so get right to it. ;-)



  1. Hi Patricia,

    I love the thistle head the best, maybe because f the sepia tone, although that puppy is a close second!

    Zazzle sounds like a fun place to create things!


    1. Hi Carol,
      Thanks so much. The challenge group was a part of the now defunct Tsu. I love how they creatively thought to make us try new things. Sadly when the site closed the people in the group went in different directions. I've looked at new groups but haven't found anything I would participate in yet.
      I found Zazzle from a recommendation when I was so disillusioned with submitting to stock photography sites. Once I saw that I could choose from products that would fit my images, I was hooked. It's been a fun journey and as in most situations, I'm still learning.
      Thanks again and Cheers.


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