TheAspenStand: Why Finding Forgotten Photographs Can Excite Creativity

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Why Finding Forgotten Photographs Can Excite Creativity

Do you remember as a kid trying to put shapes into their designated slots or even watching children in your life do that now? 

How about the pleasure of popping into place that difficult to find a piece of a huge jigsaw puzzle?

That's what it's like for me when I find a photograph long forgotten in an online folder. It's the same when I find a piece of work that was used on older Zazzle products and now can be used on some newly offered products. 

Since we'll soon be seeing Jerusalem Artichoke and giant sunflowers blooming in our area I've been looking at my older photographs. Some of the sunflower photographs I've used on products in earlier days and some are just out of older folders of the flowers. 

Zazzle has a number of new products and there are products the I've never added my work. I decided to share a few of the different sunflower photographs on the different products. 

Jerusalem artichokes are also identified by a variety of names including sunroot. This species of sunflower is native to a variety of locations throughout the United States. According to several sources, the plant tuber is widely cultivated as a root vegetable. The photographs of the tuber root look like a ginger root.

This mouse pad below is a photograph of Jerusalem artichoke sunflowers. The original photograph was digitally altered and I added texture to it. You'll find an entire category of products in a sunflower category that features this image.  

I separated several Jerusalem artichoke sunflowers from the background where they were shot and edited them to place three together. This arrangement is seen on the Zazzle HEART apron below. You can find this flower arrangement on a variety of products in the sunflower category.

Triple Sunflower Photograph Zazzle HEART Apron

Giant sunflowers take some time to grow and are usually still trying to bloom as our growing season ends. I've photographed these sunflowers in different stages of growth. The photograph on the acrylic wall clock below shows off the hair-like features of the bud touched by morning dew and nested in leaves. The number template can be removed on this clock. You'll find several products featuring this dew sprinkled sunflower bud in the same sunflower category as the Jerusalem artichoke sunflowers

Wet Sunflower Bud Close Up Photograph Square Wall Clock

These flowers are a great way to get photographs of bees. I remember seeing bees dead on the seedhead. I wasn't sure if they froze during the evening or if bees can overdose on pollen. The pillow below is one of my photographs with a bee enjoying time on the giant sunflower. You'll also find a variety of products featuring this photograph in the store category of sunflowers.

Bee On Sunflower Close Up Photograph Throw Pillow

by Exit178

Some of my most recent additions to the store sunflower category include this image of giant sunflowers clustered together. The indoor floor mat below is a way to bring nature right into your kitchen, laundry or other interior room. 

Clustered Sunflowers Close-Up Photograph Floor Mat

Clustered Sunflowers Close-Up Photograph Floor Mat

by Exit178

Are you a sunflower fan? If you would like to see one of these photographs on a product that isn't currently available, please let me know. I'm happy to add it for you to view. 

I'd love to know your thoughts on the products I've chosen to share in the post featuring several species of sunflowers and in different stages of growth.


Joe Valencia photography said...

Absolutely beautiful stuff, Patricia! I, too, love going through old photographs and slides. I have stuff that I shot in the 80's and forgot about until I found a box of stuff the other day. Now, if I can only figure out how to get good quality scans from the scanner I have....

Carol Stephen said...

Hi Patricia!

Yellow flowers, and especially HUGE yellow flowers are so cheerful. They always lift my spirits. It's so foggy where I live that I'm considering using some bright yellow in the bathroom and kitchen.

Your post also reminded me of my brother when he did jigsaw puzzles. He'd pound on the pieces to try to make them fit! I wish I had a picture of THAT! Hahaha!


Patricia AZ Phillips said...

Thanks for checking out the post and for your kind words Joe. I have the majority of my older photos in albums. I always wondered what a good scanner would cost. I don't have a lot of good photographs but a lot of slides. I haven't even thought about digitizing them but I should.

Patricia AZ Phillips said...

Thanks so much for stopping by Carol. I just love when the sunflowers start to bloom. The highway divider turns yellow from so many. They really are a very cheerful flower.

Haha, I remember working on puzzles with children trying to pound in a puzzle piece too.

Carol Stephen said...

Hi Patricia,

I just reread your piece. I wouldn't have known these pictures were Jerusalem artichoke sunflowers. A friend of mine from college used to grow Jerusalem artichokes, but the focus was always on the root. The flowers are so beautiful, too!


Patricia AZ Phillips said...

I didn't know until I had done some research after hearing everyone calling both big and small Sunflowers. I knew there was a difference and "inquiring minds" had to know. haha. Did you ever try eating the root?