TheAspenStand: 10+ Years of Local Travel Still Offers Interesting Finds

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

10+ Years of Local Travel Still Offers Interesting Finds

It's been just over 10 years for us in northern Arizona and we still find new roads, new adventures, and interesting scenes. I remember so many of our adventures in the first year of life in northern Arizona. We spent time exploring well traveled and not so well-traveled dirt roads. The scenery was beautiful and there were constant surprises along the roads. I was also getting back into photography while learning how to use a digital camera so that was another reason to roam the countryside. 

This old barn and stockyard is one location we pass all year now. We love sitting along that road on summer evenings to see tens of elk gather in the field across the road. I have photographs of this barn area during our rainy "monsoon as we call it" season with beautiful cloud formations and lush green grass. I've even passed there to see other photographers out along the road. 

I was lucky enough to get out there for this photograph below after we had several feet of snow one winter. The storm weather hadn't moved out of the area as visible by the gray sky but the snow had stopped falling for the time being. I loved the color contrast of snow to structure during that light. 

 A recent weekend at Zazzle had several surprise sales for me. One of the sales included this print of a rural winter scene. It reminded me that Zazzle no longer offers framing options for prints/posters so I wasn't sure how that would affect print sales. 

I realize no frames won't bother some customers but for those who want a ready to mount on the wall product, it might. I also realize that folks who purchase a product as a gift might want a print that is immediately ready to mount on the wall.
Since Zazzle now offers acrylic HD and metal prints, I decided to add this photograph (and others) to one of the new options like this HD Acrylic print below. 

Snowy Rural Barn Scene Photograph Acrylic Print

You can add a visit by Mother Nature to any wall with this 20" x 16" HD Acrylic print of a rural winter scene of an old barn and stockyard.

This .025" thick high definition Grade-A acrylic style print can give any wall a contemporary look. According to Zazzle, they are art gallery quality. HD Acrylic prints are available in eight sizes. The print is fitted with french cleat backing for easy and secure hanging (shown below). All the work is done for Zazzle by Acrylic Idea Factory in Tucson, Arizona. 

Snowy Rural Barn Scene Photograph Acrylic Print

French cleat backing for easy and secure hanging.
You can find this Snowy Rural Barn Scene Photograph as a print, Acrylic Print or Metal Print at this page in TheAspenStand.

I would love to hear your thoughts on placing a frameless HD Acrylic print on your wall
so leave me a comment about the photograph and/or HD Acrylic print style. 


  1. When I see snowy scenes in Arizona, I'm surprised. This looks like it could be in Washington!

    Thanks for the beautiful scene.


    1. Thank you so much for checking out the post and leaving a comment Carol.

      I know what you mean. There are a lot of people who are surprised that we even have cold weather in Arizona. Most folks have been to or traveled through Phoenix on Interstate 10 and draw the same conclusion. Even in winter it's warm there.

      We have a ski area up here in the northern hills but I still have to remind myself that there is even a ski area in the hills of Tucson too. LOL

    2. Hi Patricia,

      I remember driving from Phoenix and its blistering heat up to Sedona and needing a sweater. Like California, Arizona has a lot of distinct microclimates. I'd like to visit Tucson sometime, too. That area looks lovely!


  2. I too amazed to see such a scene in Arizona, usually I hear of and/or envision just HOT, HOT and more HOT (lol). I've never been to this part of the U.S.

    This photo is a beaut! Wonderful scene.

    1. Hi Leigh. Thanks for checking out the post. The first time we drove through northern Arizona we were living in New Mexico so we stayed a night in Flagstaff on the way back. I had no idea until then that it got cold in Arizona either. We made two more moves before ending up just outside of Flagstaff. I never would have predicted that one.


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