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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Let The Games Begin With Personalized Playing Cards

Nothing says I took great consideration with this offering like a personalized gift.

I'm sure in your lifetime you've received something homemade that really made you appreciate the time and effort put into it. Unfortunately, not all of us are so talented that we can whip up a pertinent homemade gift. In our case, that's where Zazzle comes in.

If you haven't been on Zazzle before, you can visit TheAspenStand, my online store to see some of the products that you can personalize. The majority of my products have the "Customize it!" button available to customers in order to add a personal touch or change things up.

Many of my products also have template designs that allow you to simply change the text, remove design elements and/or replace photos or artwork with your own.

This post is about the custom and personalization options because I recently had a Minnesota customer purchase three sets of my historic Route 66 playing cards for Kingman, Arizona and customized each set. As shopkeepers, we don't see what the particular customization is but see an annotation that shows it was altered.

Historic Route 66 Playing Cards

If you know someone who is a Route 66 buff, you can find 12 Arizona Route 66 city designs including Winslow, Flagstaff and Oatman and this Kingman playing card set.

If you have any questions or need assistance in personalizing the cards, let me know and I'd be happy to offer assistance.

What was a personalized gift that stands out for you?

Why do you prefer to give personalized gifts?

Leave me a comment about this post. I would love to read your thoughts. 

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