TheAspenStand: 6 Captures Exposing The Low Down On Perspective

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

6 Captures Exposing The Low Down On Perspective

Monsoons, our rainy season in northern Arizona, generally arrive around early July. We soon spot color in the prairies and forests after several days of rain. Colorful flower patches start to brighten the green and brown environs. Eventually the mushrooms begin to push through the dirt, cow paddies, pine straw, leaves and dead wood. 

Artwork ©AlenaKaz /123RF
I took our dogs out for a hike recently, with no intention of taking photographs so I was only armed with my iPhone 4. Once we hit the trail I saw mushrooms popping up everywhere. Some are quite colorful and attention grabbing while others are noticeably shaped by the material they break through. I decided to shoot the mushrooms with my iPhone. The first day was cloudy as another rain storm rolled in so it offered great lighting. The second day I stuck with the phone and we hiked under a partly cloudy sky so there was a bit more work to avoid blown out features. 

I have always enjoyed getting a low perspective so these subjects were perfect for me. The photographs in this post are to demonstrate an interesting view with that lower perspective. While crawling around and shooting, I turned the iPhone upside down to get as low as I could for the photo. When I viewed the first photo after turning the phone, I saw the image was actually righted so I didn't have to rotate photos for viewing. LOVE THAT! I have a post scheduled for next week with other photographs of the mushroom adventure that weren't quite good examples of the low perspective but are interesting looking mushrooms.

If you are interested in perspective check out these two Digital Photography School posts The Power of Perspective Photography and Get Down Low For A Unique Perspective.

The Low Down On Perspective

The first three photographs were taken of mushrooms popping out of pine straw. Easy to find and much to be expected since we live in an old growth Ponderosa pine forest. 

I was very excited to see that I was able to capture the sheen on this orange capped mushroom popping out through old and newly fallen pine straw. 

I'm guessing here but this looks very much like an Amanita Muscaria. I photographed a group of three but I couldn't seem to get a good focused shot so they didn't look as good. 

I liked how this bowl shaped cap had gathered a few pieces of pine straw after making the move above ground and how the light exposed the ribs below the delicate cap. 

Cow Paddy Delights

The next two photographs are of droopy capped brown and white mushrooms that were growing out of a cow paddy. The paddy is a bit more obvious in the second photo.

The Lone Standout

This last photograph was taken on an obviously sunny day while on an ATV ride.  This lone mushroom was set apart from several clusters with the same cap appearance. 

How often do you look for a different perspective when shooting photographs? 

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  1. Interesting post on mushrooms. In fact, your whole blog is A+.

  2. Thank you so much Marian for taking the time to stop by and check out the post and blog. I really appreciate it.


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