TheAspenStand: 4 Rusty Grunge Designs Make A Unique Gift

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

4 Rusty Grunge Designs Make A Unique Gift

(Updated 11/5/17)

Are you flustered by a little rust on items you own or do you think it makes an interesting effect? 

Well, several years ago, I came up with a design that was inspired by a style  I observed growing more popular around me. What was this style? It incorporates a lot of rust and deteriorated looking designed autos called Rat Rods. You'll find quite a variety of photographs on this Rat Rod style in an online search. Rust, sanded rust, rough patina, and holes were all a common theme in the ones we viewed. 

I worked on several designs using rust and dedicated an entire category to grunge style design at TheAspenStand after spending time at a number of the car shows where I saw some incredibly creative Rat Rod designs. 

My designs include a varied text block message using rusty letters that seemed most appropriate to use on car mats. I also found a variety of rusty background to showcase the text block. 

After trying the design on more products the variety increased. Below you can see the text designs on several other products. You can find my entire collection under Rusty GRUNGE Style gifts in TheAspenStand. 

Green Metal Weld Photograph Floor Mat, car mat, vehicle mat, rusty, weld, scar, green, rusty letters, scratched
It's A Style GRUNGE Rusty Letters & Background, Belt Buckle, black, rusted, pitted, scarred, brown
It's A Style GRUNGE Rusty Letters 

Is this the first time you've heard of the Rat Rod style?

Leave a comment and let me know what you think of the style and the products. Please share if you know people who also like this style. Thanks so much. 

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