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Wednesday, July 2, 2014

I Tried The Japanese Rice Cooker Pancake Recipe

Have you been testing any of the hundreds of Pinterest recipes that you've pinned? Come on admit you've pinned at least that many?

All those scrumptious looking, sweet appealing recipes you pinned and said, "I have got to try that" but probably haven't yet. You know I've said the same thing BUT I have tried a few recipes that I've pinned to my boards. This post is about one idea/recipe that I did test so I can share it with you.

I didn't originally find this idea on Pinterest. I was searching some other subject. Weird how that happens, looking for one thing and OH look a recipe. So I wanted to try this How To Make Epic Pancakes With Your Japanese Rice Cooker.

Although I found the idea elsewhere, you KNOW it has to be on Pinterest. And it is! Here is the link for the "rice cooker pancakes" Pinterest search. Notice all the other recipes for cheesecakes, scones and cakes to make in the rice cooker too.

Yes, that's it. I made a pancake in a rice cooker and it was a very easy clean up too. I mixed half a Bisquick pancake recipe because I didn't want a huge result like the image above from the recipe web page.

I also had to take into consideration that we live at 7300 feet so altitude might play a role in how it cooked. The cooking time recommendation was 45 minutes but I left it in an additional 15 because when I opened the top of the rice cooker at 45 minutes the pancake top was still a bit gooey. So below you see my result where I added some blueberries and raspberries which worked out quite well.

I posted the recipe link on Twitter which got the comment below. 

I chuckled as I read the reply because my husband and I discussed the same thing. I love pancakes when we're camping. 

Will I make them again? Absolutely and with fruit! I may have to try one of the scone or cake recipes I saw on Pinterest too.

Have you tried any of those recipes you've pinned?

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Beth Niebuhr said...

I'm glad it turned out well. It's challenging sometimes to cook at higher altitudes. We're at 5000 feet which isn't as high as Flagstaff but I always keep it in mind.

Jackie Harder said...

I'm not on Pinterest and rarely try out recipes I see on social media. OK -- I NEVER try recipes I've seen on social media. ;-) But I'm glad yours was a success.

PPhillips said...

Hi Beth. Thanks for stopping by. It took a few flops to learn what to do differently for recipes to turn out correctly at high altitude.

PPhillips said...

Hey Jackie. I see some recipes and wonder if it is possible. Even though there were pictures to prove it I had to try this one. I have quite a collection of printed recipes that I've pulled off the Internet that are used often.

Lisa Magoulas said...

Hey Patricia,
Now I'd be interested in talking to you more about this. I tried this, but of course, I always muck around with recipes to make them healthier and vegan, if possible. I used buckwheat flour. My rice cooker only went on for a couple of minutes and then it shut off. I used my 3 cup rice maker. Now that you said you ran yours for additional time, I'm thinking I have to bring out my big cooker and give it another whirl. Thanks for the tips. Have an awesome day. Lisa

PPhillips said...

Hey Lisa. Yes, the Bisquick mix isn't the healthiest. I have wheat flour and should check for pancake recipes using that. I wasn't sure if the cooker would go for longer after it popped the tab for done but I hit it again and waited 15 minutes. Voila, it worked. Buckwheat pancakes sound like a great idea. Let me know how it works.

Edmund said...

I love Pinterest when it comes to those type of things! I have to admit, I tried copying a recipe from Pinterest, but it didn't quite turn out the way I thought it would, BUT, it won't stop me from trying this one out. I can see this one being reat for camping or when I'm outdoors.

Indira Pierrot said...

Cooking is against my religious beliefs right now! Just kidding.. I see alot of nice recipes on Facebook I want to try but then never do. My issue is I hate leftovers so I very rarely cook since it would only be me eating it.

PPhillips said...

Hey Indira. Haha, I know what you mean. With only two of us, I still cook like we're expecting company. Leftovers are a routine.

PPhillips said...

Hi Edmund. The recipes I've tried from Pinterest and other Internet sites have worked out well for me. It's nice to have that easy to go to location to find something in a pinch.

Anonymous said...

My husband is Filipino, a foodie and the main cooker in our family. He uses the rice cooker religiously (we even have a 10 cup rice cooker in addition to our everyday rice cooker). I'll definitely share this with him so he can try it out!

PPhillips said...

Hi skinconsulter. I love our rice cooker and was skeptical that this would work so I'm glad I tried it and was happy to share it. What brand rice does your husband use in your rice cooker?

Carol Stephen said...

Hi Patricia,
Those pancakes sound yummy and I've got a rice cooker already. As far as trying recipes from Pinterest, yes, I do. I've got one pinned for crispy chicken and have all the ingredients. So maybe tomorrow I'll be able to report back.
Thanks for the pancake idea.

PPhillips said...

Hey Carol thanks so much for stopping by. I'm happy to share. I just tried a honey and soy marinade for chicken with which I made kabobs and they were great. BUT I like to let my marinades sit overnight. They always seem to taste better the longer they sit. LOL. I'd love to hear about the crispy chicken recipe.

Carol Stephen said...

Hi Patricia,
Just saw this post again, and the pancakes look so tempting! Do you eat that one pancake all by yourself or carve it up (asking for a friend). I never did try the crispy chicken one, by the way. So many recipes, so little time!

PPhillips said...

Hi Carol,
That's a whole lot of pancake. It's fun to make when you have visitors to share with and is great accompanied with fresh fruit.
I recently found a simple, tasty homemade mac and cheese recipe. It's a keeper.