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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Personalize Your Zazzle Product With A Famous Quote or One of Yours

(Updated 03/14/17)
We all have favorite quotes and some are by famous people in American history. I have a few Zazzle products that feature quotes from American history, so I decided to share a few of my red white and blue designed products that feature quotes.

This first is a quote from the 16th American president, Abraham Lincoln (1861-1865). When I first read this quote,  by Lincoln it struck a cord with me so I shared it on several social media platforms. The quote drew so much attention, numerous comments, and shares that it encouraged me to add it to a patriotic background and offer it on some products.  

Below it's on a Samsung Galaxy 7 phone case. On the case page, the quote and attribution are listed in two template fields. That means you can change the text in one or both fields or remove the text in one or the other and add your own text.  You'll find this design and quote on several other electronics cases at TheAspenStand. 

Apple  iPhone 7
Apple iPhone 7 Case

George Washington Quote Mug

This two-tone mug features a George Washington quote.  George Washington's Mount Vernon web page offers a pithy summary of this American leader. "George Washington -- first American president, commander of the Continental Army, president of the Constitutional Convention, and gentleman planter. These were the roles in which Washington exemplified character and leadership."  Washington was born and died in Virginia (1732-1799).  

The quote on this mug is part of the design so you cannot change the text without removing the entire background; however, you can select from nine other colors for the cup inside or a different style mug. 

George Washington ~ First Amendment Quote

Customize The Text on this Phone Case

This Samsung Galaxy S7 phone case below sports a Theodore Roosevelt quote. Roosevelt, born in New York City in 1858, served as the 26th United States president starting in 1901 following the assassination of President William McKinley. Roosevelt was an avid outdoorsman and hunter so the "rifle" quote seemed appropriate. 

In recent history some 103 years later, Roosevelt was awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor in 2001 by President William Clinton for his role in the battle of San Juan Hill, the Republic of Cuba in 1898. "Teddy", a nickname he wasn't fond of,  served as president through 1909.  He died in Oyster Bay, NY where his wife Edith also died some 29 years later.

Like the first case displayed above, you can change the text in one or both template fields or remove the text in one or the other field without any text. 
Do you have a quote you favor and would add?

Head to TheAspenStand and personalize your case.

Thanks for stopping by and give me your thoughts in the comments. 

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