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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Get Your Top Quality Business Cards At Zazzle

I loved puzzles as a kid and still love a good jigsaw puzzle. How about you?

My love of puzzle pieces shows through in several of the popular designs on TheAspenStand. Those all come from a single photo shoot many years ago that I did for stock photography. I shared in a post at the end of last year that the Missing Puzzle Piece concept was by far my overall top selling design.

During that photo shoot timeframe, I also had a concept in mind with a fork and puzzle piece photograph. I saw it as useful image for dietitians, nutritionists and fitness instructors. I'm sure there are people viewing it now who can see it as useful for other occupations. The photograph is quite popular on business card designs and I've had multiple repeat customers.

Orange on Orange Design

The orange and black design versions are my most popular business cards. These are template designs offering fields for your information on both sides. If you don't like the template setup, the font and font colors, you can change that in the customize option.

Black on Black Design
While the black and orange versions remain popular, I received a customer request to offer a red gradient on the front and back (below). I decided to add red/red and red/black versions which you'll find in the store.

Red on Red Design

 You'll also find a mix of the black/orange versions as shown below.

Black on Orange Design 
Zazzle offers business cards in 11 paper types and with rounded corners. I love the sturdiness, vibrant colors and feel of my indestructible business cards. Wondering about the reviews?  Below is a screenshot that was current at the time of this post publication.

You can find 12 puzzle piece business card designs here in TheAspenStand with a mix of the orange, black and red gradient backgrounds and several other puzzle piece designs. If you need assistance, contact me via the contact button on that business card page.

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