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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Exercise, Log Miles To Support A Shelter You Choose

Out on the prairie for a walk in beautiful Arizona weather.

This Wednesday's blog post is literally "for the dogs." As I've previously mentioned, the blog will cover a variety of subjects near and dear to me so this week it's all about WalkForADog app by WoofTrax

The big picture is that you exercise, use the app and donate miles to support an animal shelter. You don't spend any money except for probably having to buy new walking, hiking or running shoes. If you're like me, you'll get extremely motivated to get out there and log miles for the shelter pooches. At the top of the WoofTrax website Home page you'll see how many miles participants have currently logged and how many states have participants logging those miles. 

I accidentally discovered this app when I noticed the local Coconino Humane Association tweet in my Twitter feed which is shown below. The tweet sent me to a Facebook post stating that the shelter had received money from someone walking for the shelter using the Walk for a Dog app.  

Being a skeptic, I queried a couple of other dog friendly Twitter IDs that I follow. They hadn't tried it but later one said she downloaded the app but hadn't mentioned using it. I was too eager to download and try the app so I didn't wait for anymore feedback.

You can't imagine how happy I am to walk my dogs, enjoy the fresh air and log miles for a donation to the animal shelter I choose. You can too by simply downloading the iPhone app Walk for a Dog with the logo you see in the image below. WoofTrax recently announced that the Walk for a Dog app is now available in Android so that means many more of you can get involved. 

If you are interested in participating but don't walk, hike or run, under History>All Activities in the app, you can select several other activities to log your miles. The image below shows the app view and what other activities are offered.  What's nice is you don't even need your own dog(s) to log the miles. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions on the WoofTrax web page for that information.  

I live in a rural area and wondered if I might have some connection problems since my phone doesn't always receive a strong signal. Initially I had a few glitches with the app download and operation so I wrote to WoofTrax: Dog Powered Fundraising and was pleasantly surprised to receive a response on a Friday evening not long after I had sent the email. The response from Doug Hexter, a founding partner of WoofTrax and responsible for strategic planning and business operations, was informative and helpful. He shared several points confirming that WoofTrax had recently sent out the first checks from the initial fund raising. Read the News page of the WoofTrax website to see the latest information.

Doug's email and that news update reassured my concerns so I was out the next day logging more miles and we've been adding more each week. I love walking with my dogs but now I have the additional incentive to help a shelter. I selected the Second Chance Center for Animals in Flagstaff where our border collie/heeler mix, Gavin,  (below) adopted us. Of course he is one of my four legged partners on the walks with his chocolate Lab brother. 

Gavin taking a rest in comfy green grass. 
You can select from a long list of Shelters and Rescues once you download the app. They are listed by state and city. I've been promoting the app on Twitter (I'm @Exit178) and recently, WoofTrax Twitter account shared this tweet with the number of shelters benefiting from the app:

If you aren't interested in logging miles, maybe you are interested in becoming a Sponsor.  That's another great way to support the cause. 

I'm such a great proponent of this app that I have added a Walk for the Dog badge in the right side blog column. 

As I was preparing to inform WoofTrax that I had written this post, I noticed a tweet that mentioned another great post at Smart Living Network about the app.

So what are you waiting for? Here's some great incentive for you dog/animal lovers to do some good. 
Go download that app and get moving. 

Except for not having an iOS or Android phone, what would keep you from downloading the app?

Let me know your thoughts and plans. I'd love to read your comments.


  1. How much is donated to shelters ? I cannot find that info in the website

    1. Hi Casey. Thanks for stopping by to check out the post. This article in the Huffington Post references "$.11 to .25" per mile under certain circumstances. You can check it at this link:
      You can find some other articles under the PRESS dropdown menu of their page. Good luck and I hope you enjoy the app.


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