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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

The Happy Tails of Two Smothered With Love Dogs

Updated 6/20/2017
Our kids are furry, four-legged love machines and cuddle bugs. I've mentioned them and posted pictures here, on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, G+ and other platforms. Today you officially meet two of the star players in our lives (if you haven't already), our dogs.The timing of this post is so appropriate since our out-of-state visitors recently departed and they too loved these guys. 

Why am I writing about them? Because the experts say share a little bit about yourself with readers and social media followers. That's absolutely reasonable so we'll start with the loveable Lab.

The Big Brother

Ridgeway, the loveable chocolate Labrador Retriever, is the older brother. He was the largest of his litter and most people are surprised at his current height. He wasn't going to make it as a show dog because he was missing a tooth so the breeder was selling him. In our hearts, he's a blue ribbon winner, Top Dog In Show, in our house missing tooth and all.

He was always a calm Labrador which might seem unusual; however, go away for even a half hour and he can do one mean happy dance when we return. As you can tell by the above photograph, furniture is not off limits in our house and he's happy to share the bed with one of his feline siblings. Actually, he's willing to share anything with any human or animal.

The Observant One

Yes, I sit on the floor with my front paws on the step. Questions?

The handsome black and white dude above is Gavin. He is a border collie/heeler mix rescue from a local shelter in Flagstaff, Arizona. Gavin picked us as his forever parents during a time when we were going through a home renovation. He was a bit confused when he was finally able to have the run of the entire house rather than the one bedroom we were living in during the renovation. 

We spent a lot of time outdoors roaming the woods when he was a puppy while the renovation was underway. It was a great time for bonding. I noticed how observant he was while his brother's nose was stuck to the ground sniffing everything. Gavin was always looking around, staring in different directions and running back to my side to make sure I was okay.  He hasn't changed at all. He's a definite Momma's boy.

Brotherly Love

Gavin learned the ropes around the homestead from his rather calm brother who is three years older. We believe Gavin would have been a bit more hyperactive had it not been for Ridgeway's calming, nonchalant manner. 

I bet you're wondering about their names. There was much thought behind them. We are both US Army retirees and paratroopers. We named both dogs after 82nd Airborne Division generals. Major General Mathew B. Ridgeway and Lt. GenJames Gavin were noted American airborne commanders during World War II.

I'm following your every move.

Gavin is ever vigilant and loves being my shadow in or outside the house. No words are necessary to let him know when I am preparing for a walk. Gavin can sense me thinking about it then follows me to see if I'm picking up the Jeep keys or putting on my hiking shoes. 

It's so funny to watch him peeking around the bedroom door to see if I'm in the closet grabbing my hiking shoes. Gavin then alerts Ridgeway with high pitched squeals and excited dancing. They dance around waiting to get into the Jeep once we're outside. If I simply grab their leashes from the vehicle Gavin is sticking his head in front of me to affix the leash because he's ready to go.  He's great on a leash.

Did you say WALK?
On the other extreme, Ridgeway likes to lead on the leash but doesn't pull.  They do walk well together. As you can see in the above photo, he loves a toy whether it's his or abandoned by another dog or even cat toys. Mention food, ride or walk and Ridgeway starts looking for a toy to take along on the adventure. We've lost tennis balls along a few walks and I usually have to pull out from the Jeep a multitude of toys.

So now you have been formally introduced or reintroduced to two of our five, furry four-legged kids that share our life. In one of my future posts, I'll share some stories about our other two four-legged family members.

What animals share your life?

I'd love to hear your comments so feel free to share them here. 


  1. Great dogs great names,. they are so amazing and sometimes wonder which species is the leader here on earth. Hope they are together fo many many years , I know they will give many hours of love .. thanks for sharing a great story.

    1. Thank you so much for taking the time to stop by and leave such a lovely comment. I really appreciate it. Our lives are so much more enriched by sharing it with such loving companions.

  2. We have a couple of cats that really add to our lives as well. Love pets. They make life so much easier. Both dogs are beautiful!

    1. I really appreciate you taking the time to read and leave a comment. It means a lot to me. We also have two cats so I plan to add a post about them in the near future. Thanks again.


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