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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Zazzle Tempered Glass Custom Cutting Board Review

Yes, I did it again! Ordered another product so I can share a review this week. I recently ordered the Zazzle large rectangular glass cutting board (15" x 11"). These are available in two other rectangular sizes (7.5" x 6.5" and 11.5" x 6.5"), a 12" diameter and a 4.7" x 12.75" paddle shaped style. 
Wet Spring Flash African Daisy Photograph
Wet Flash African Spring Daisy Photo Cutting Board

I selected my Wet Flash African Spring Daisy photograph designed board because I'm partial to that flower and photo. The  cutting board arrived in double boxed packaging shown in the image below and a plastic bag around the board. 

The product description says they are made with hand-pressed tempered glass. It also says they are great for prepping and serving. The first thing I noticed is that the image on the product page is slightly more vibrant than what I received. 

You can see in the image below that the yellow is more white in the mid-left area than in the product page image shown at the top of this page. You might think that is a reflection in the cutting board but it's not. The photograph itself has a slight reflection off the wet flower. 

I think that the textured surface shown in the enlarged section below is the cause of the slightly less vibrant color of the actual board in this case. You can see the rippled affect taken from a section in that slightly lighter area. 

Close up of cutting board texture

I realized that the four rubber non-skid feet that is noted in the product description were missing. I guess that slipped by quality control. I double checked the two shipping cartons thinking maybe they were inside and needed to be affixed but nothing was in there. I wasn't about to send it back for that so I went out and purchased four clear rubber stoppers from a home improvement store and placed them on the corners which you can see in the photo below. Those work fine.  

I also checked what the customer reviews said and as of this posting,  the image below shows how many were reviewed and the ratings customers gave them.  I also added one of the customer's reviews about a cute owl designed cutting board. 

Some additional information you might want to know since you are working on these with food is that they are described as 100% food safe, non-absorbent, non-porous hand pressed and stain-resistant tempered glass. I haven't noticed any marks from cutting on the glass surface. And a special note for those of us who love our dishwashers is that these are NOT oven, microwave or dishwasher safe. It's an easy wipe down though. 

I would definitely purchase another one especially since it can be customized for a special occasion. I think it will make a great personalized gift for a bridal shower, wedding or housewarming. 

You'll find my designs here and hundreds of designs by other talented Zazzle artists and photographers here

Would you order one of these for yourself?

Besides the occasions mentioned above, what occasion might you consider ordering one for someone else? 

Please share your answers to the above questions and thoughts on the post. Thanks. 

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