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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Reviewing A Zazzle Laptop Sleeve Made By Rickshaw Bagworks

I'm SHOUTING OUT LOUD about the superior quality of the Rickshaw Bagworks MacBook sleeve I ordered from Zazzle.

I ordered this Sunflowers Before The Storm sleeve on February 28 and didn't expect to see it for several weeks. I was pleasantly surprised to see it had already arrived when I returned home from a business trip on March 7.

Sometime back I ordered a Rickshaw Bagworks courier bag and laptop sleeve as gifts but never did a review so this will serve to cover the quality on all the Rickshaw Bagworks products I received. Those other products  were colorful fractal artwork designs. The color and quality was excellent. I was quite partial to this digital photograph on which I had used several filters. This photo was already on many Zazzle products in the store and I wondered how it would look on the sleeve so I made it specifically for me. Now it's available in the store too. 

The arrival package (above left) was a simple cardboard envelope with red tape over the closure flap sharing the Rickshaw Bagworks logo. I like how the tape states "FRESH BAGS MADE DAILY IN SF" and if you are on Twitter it tells you to follow the #freshbagfeed. The tape was a nice touch and reminds the buyer that it is made from scratch in San Francisco with a focus on environmentally sustainable manufacturing.
The bags are made with extra durable, water resistant fabrics and an ultra-plush padded liner.  The sleeve provides the ultimate level of protection.The Rickshaw Bagworks MacBook Pro sleeve is available in 13" (14.25"W x 10.9"H x .75" D) and 15" (16"W x 11.75"H x .75") sizes and protects your device with a custom touch of style. I used the same photograph for the bag back (right) but you have a choice of using different photos, designs or solid colors on the front, front flap and back.

In the photos you can see the Moss color binding that I selected from the 20 available options on the product page. With a little work, I aligned the front flap to have the photograph follow through as a full image like you see on the back. When I scanned the binding for quality, I found no misses along the binding stitch.

In the photo below I slipped the MacBook into the sleeve so you can see the secure velcro flap closure on the inside of the flap and the front of the sleeve. It's not too bulky and holds the flap secure. The bag padding is also thick enough without adding additional bulk.

I selected the gold lining and you can select the ultra-plush padding from the colors below when you are on the product page making all your selections. 

A special finishing touch was the receipt inside a small brown paper bag with Rickshaw Bagworks logo and a 2.5" square "Made in San Francisco" sticker (right).

You can also check customer reviews toward the bottom of the product page which I explain in detail in a Customer Reviews To Assist In Product Purchase Decisions blog post.

Now you have a personal review of one of many Zazzle products that I've purchased. I hope that sharing it with photographs was helpful. You can find more of my MacBook sleeves at TheAspenStand or visit the Zazzle Marketplace for thousands by other talented artists and photographers.

Would this post help you if you were making a decision to purchase one of these bags? 

I'd love to hear your comments. Thanks. 

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