TheAspenStand: Helping You Navigate A Customizable Product Page at My Zazzle Store TheAspenStand

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Helping You Navigate A Customizable Product Page at My Zazzle Store TheAspenStand

Now that you've seen how initial pages open in last weeks post, let's break down the intricacies of a customizable product page so you can personalize that special product for you or as a gift.

 I've selected my custom Historic Route 66, Winslow, Arizona tee shirt design as the post model since it offers several customizing options that I'll point out. I've added the red notes so you won't see that on an actual page. The portion of the page offers the title and product price. You may see a line through a price which means you may have clicked on a discount code. If that's the case be sure to use that code during checkout to get that discount.

Below this page top on the left, you'll see the Product Details and About the Design (description) for the tee shirt. In that area are the Store | Profile | Contact . Store takes you to the front page of TheAspenStand, Profile takes you to a read about me and Contact lets you email me.


Continuing down in the right column you can make Color and Style Options. This shows 126 available styles and that includes men, women, children and infant tees (hoodies too). When you select a different style, the color options may be different.

When you click See all styles (126), you get the pop-up at left with a scroll bar along the right side. This pop-up shows you each option in the color still selected on the original page or in a similar color because the selection isn't available for the that particular t-shirt style.

 Below on that page are two rows of products. The first row displays my other products (that's me Exit178 ~ story for another post) with the same or similar design. The second row offers products similar to my design. Sometimes you may see more of my work or designs by other Zazzle shopkeepers. At the end of that row the right arrow scrolls to more products.

If you do follow a product to another store you can get back to TheAspenStand with this link:*   Wondering about the * (star)? I can earn a referral fee if a customer follows that link to my store or another shopkeepers store and makes a purchase. You won't see any increase in your price but I wanted you to understand the purpose of it.

Below the two rows of product offerings are reviews. My previous post on reviews will help you better understand those.

The bottom of the page shows comments made by customers, other shopkeepers or me. If that product has sold, I add a comment thanking that customer. We have minimal information about a purchase and have no way to contact that individual so I like leaving a note of gratitude as you see in this screenshot. Toward the bottom under Tags you can click that Store Category where you'll find all the products with that design or similar to that design.

You've now scrolled through an entire product page here via multiple screenshots so go visit a couple of product pages to see if it was helpful. You now know how to contact me for assistance with a particular product too.

Is there a part of the product page that you would like more information?

Please leave a comment because it helps improve my posts and products for you. Thanks for stopping by.

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