TheAspenStand: Coordinate Two More Personalized Zazzle Kitchen Products ~ Part 2

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Coordinate Two More Personalized Zazzle Kitchen Products ~ Part 2

As I promised, this is Part 2 of 3 on coordinating Zazzle kitchen products for youself or as great personalized gift ideas for a house warming, holiday, bridal shower or wedding just to name a few gifting occasions.

This week we're looking at the 19 ounce beverage pitcher and the 10 oz candy jar. Both  products are 100% bright white porcelain and dishwasher and microwave safe. The pitcher and candy jar display below shows the Orchid Floral Blossom Word Cloud Design that I shared last week.  You can get a variation of this design on the pitcher in three other colors (burgundy, green and black).

This week, I share the Chocolate and Almonds and Dark Chocolate word collage design on the pitcher and candy jar.  The word cloud predominantly includes chocolate, dark chocolate and almonds in English, German and French plus other words in a variety of font styles, sizes and colors. This chocoholic word cloud design is also available on place mats, napkins and other kitchen products.

The Little Pitcher

Chocolate, Almonds and Dark Chocolate Word Cloud Beverage Pitchers
Chocolate, Almonds and Dark Chocolate Word Cloud Beverage Pitchers by Exit178
Shop for another pitcher.

There are only ten reviews about the pitchers so as I mentioned last week,  you should  consider completing a review on any products you order to help others who are considering a purchase. Generally you receive a Zazzle discount coupon once you complete the review too.  I know that because I've completed multiple reviews. 

Gleaning information from some of the reviews one customer mentions it is 5" tall, while another feels that it was smaller than expected. Those comments made me measure the height of my two cup measuring cup. The measuring cup is about 4.25" tall and an approximate diameter of 4" if that offers any help on measurements. 

One review suggests in might be great for milk/cream at a coffee setting. Another of the five star reviews offered a picture of the pitcher as a vase with daffodils. So you can be creative with it and maybe present it as a gift with flowers...guys? Below is one of the top reviews with another recommendation.


Sweet Treat Candy Jar

The candy jar, sporting a cork top, is only 10 ounces so you know a lot of goodies won't fit in there. Out of 87 reviews at the time of this post 89% recommend the product and the overall majority of reviews were 4 and 5 stars. 

Several of the lower star reviews were related to the jar being much smaller than expected. I would suggest looking at some 10 ounce jars in a store if you are wondering...just remember you can't personalize something like this that you see in a store. 

Most reviewers had no problem with the printing quality on the product. My suggestion, if you're gifting it, would be to fill it with a sweet treat the recipient likes. That's like when you give a wallet as a gift and you put a penny in it for good luck. I know you've heard of that!

Chocolate, Almonds and Dark Chocolate Word Cloud
Chocolate, Almonds and Dark Chocolate Word Cloud by Exit178
See other candy jars.

Remember if you don't see a matching design you like in TheAspenStand you can search the Zazzle marketplace because there a thousands of talented artists and photographers adding new work to products daily. 

What would you fill the candy jar with if you were gifting it?
I'd love to hear your comments on the post or these particular products. 

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