TheAspenStand: What My 2014 Word Highlighted After One Month Of Contemplation

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

What My 2014 Word Highlighted After One Month Of Contemplation

I'm proclaiming CELEBRATE is a great word selection for my 2014 theme as I look back on what it's meant for me during January.

After reading Laugh ~ My guiding principle for 2014 by +Kim Yuhl prior to the beginning of the new year, I decided to follow the idea. I too was going to select a "word or theme as my focus for the year." I figure it isn't a resolution and I was okay with  the thought that I could get so busy I might not think about it and miss a few days.

On January 1, I shared my word theme for 2014 in a post on my Google+ profile page. I then began keeping a daily list of what I had celebrated each day. The daily celebration  either jumped out at me as it occurred or it forced me to take a few quiet minutes at the end of the day to review what made me want to celebrate that day.

After walking the dogs one morning toward the end of the month I decided to look back at the list. There seemed to be a pattern that I felt happy to see appear. It showed so few materialistic celebrations and many more emotional celebrations. One day I was celebrating a walk in the prairie on a clear day with the dogs. Another day was simply being out in fresh mountain air while I was working in the yard. And one that I don't take for granted is being able to READ. I know that might sound silly to some people but I know there are adults who cannot do that and it saddens me. I even celebrated the fact when I recognized feeling too ill to participate in a fun day of activity with friends. I celebrated that because I had realized my limitations that day.

I do have a few where I celebrate the changes or work I can do on and around our house. I do consider those materialistic since it relates to the house. BUT I have to say anyone who does own their home and can share their home with others is worth a day of celebration.  

There are some that are as simple as watching the moon disappear over the horizon in a dark morning sky and absorbing the warmth of the colors of a sunrise. I drove out to the open prairie one morning to share that with the dogs.

As I CELEBRATE my year through these daily reflections, I hope you too have a theme that keeps you motivated and on track.

Do you sit quietly at the end of the day to reflect on anything in particular?

Can you think of an AH HA moment recently that made you cherish it or the day? 

Let me know your thoughts on the post and I'd love to have you share your comments to the questions. Thanks so much.


  1. Yeah! I love celebrate as word for the year. And I'm jealous that you are out working in the yard. I have shoveled snow three times already today. I am celebrating that I CAN shovel snow. :)

    1. Thanks for responding Deb. LOL, I'm celebrating the fact that you get to shovel snow. We had a minimal snowfall the other day but that was just enough to push off with a broom. We're in for a little more in the next couple of days but not much. I'm waiting for a show stopping three foot dump. LOLOL. Thanks again for stopping by.


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