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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Living Near Historic US Route 66 Is One Story Worth Sharing

Residing in Northern Arizona and specifically the Kaibab National Forest is living the dream for us. We made a few moves after retiring from the Army and before residing here. Now we are well settled and have no plans of leaving. There is so much nearby to see and do. Grand Canyon National Park is an hour north, Phoenix is 3 hours south and we’re close to Historic Jerome and the City of Prescott just to name a few destinations.

It's wonderful that living here affords us the availability of a variety of nearby hiking locations whether looking for a flat walk, rolling hills or something a bit steeper. There is also a local segment of historic US Route 66 that we can walk. 

Main Street of America


US Route 66 was one of the original US highways. It was established in 1926 which I read is the year U.S. numbered highways began. US Route 66 was officially removed from the US highway system in 1985 after having been replaced by the Interstate highway system. This historic road is also known as Main Street of American and the Mother Road. It went through eight states connecting Chicago to Los Angeles.

Arizona established segments of the road as a National Scenic Byway (NSB) with the name “Historic US Route 66” in 2005. The US Department of Transportation recognizes a NSB for its archeological, cultural, historic, natural, recreational, and/or scenic qualities.  Besides the beautiful countryside, we enjoy a segment of the historic road from westbound Interstate 40, Exit 139, Crookton Road to Seligman which features  Burma Shave signs. The image on the left shows a view of the first sign (top) in the sentence series with scenery behind it. The succeeding signs that complete the sentence along the route are below it.  You'll find several of these amusing bits of Americana Burma Shave messages along that route.

You can see the previously mentioned length of the road on a beautiful, clear September day in this YouTube video that also has some great music to take you along for the ride. At about 3:22 minutes into the video you'll see that start of a series of red Burma-Shave signs on the right.

Flagstaff is one of many Arizona cities along Historic US Route 66. The sticker (4.5" x 2.7" ~ 4 stickers per sheet) below, available in my online store, is a composite of several photographs. A photograph of the stone of a well house along a walking segment of Old Route 66 in Parks, AZ serves as the background. Two emblems from a photograph of the Arizona Historic US Route 66 sign complete the design.

Historic US Route 66 Flagstaff Arizona Oval StickerIMPORTANT NOTE: These oval stickers have the shape of those seen on vehicles, but are NOT durable vinyl and although they have a scratch-resistant surface they are NOT water resistant so they won't last on the outside of vehicles. But they will look great on notebooks or binders.

Visit TheAspenStand Historic US Route 66 collection to find more stickers and other products sporting this design with the names of Arizona cities along the historic route. I recently sold a Winslow, Arizona Route 66 T-shirt to an Australian customer showing it's a piece of history interesting to more than just American car and history buffs. If you would like this design on a product not shown in the store just let me know here and I'll be happy to work with you.

In the fall we look forward to the downtown Flagstaff Route 66 Days Car Show where you'll find quite a collection of vehicles, auto and route related goodies, and plenty of auto buffs.

What stories have you heard about historic US Route 66?

Have you traveled any segment of historic Route 66?

I'd love to hear your feedback on the post and to the questions so leave your comments below.


  1. We saw a bit of it when we stopped in Gallup on our way through New Mexico.

  2. Thank you for stopping by to check out the post Barb and for leaving a comment. I'm very happy that we can still visit some of the original segments.

  3. sir, I plan on going from seligman az to williams az on a motorcycle this spring ( on my way from las vegas nv to chicago il). When I get to seligman,I would like to take Crookton road to williams az and what I would like to know is--does Crookton go from seligman to williams az ? Thank

  4. You can take Crookton road from Seligman until it ends at Interstate 40, Exit139. You can then take I-40 to Williams.


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