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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Let Me Help You Find Your Way Around My Online Print On Demand Store ~ TheAspenStand On Zazzle

It occurred to me that it might be helpful to explain the setup of TheAspenStand online print on demand (POD) Zazzle store. This post is to better your online browsing and shopping experience by explaining what you'll see when you follow one of the links from the blog to TheAspenStand. Next week I'll write about details of an individual product page.

The majority of Zazzle stores are set up the same except for some minor front page features like the header and category headings. When you open a link to my storefront page, you'll see TheAspenStand store header (screenshot below) which looks like the blog cover without the green background.

If you surf the Zazzle marketplace, other shopkeepers will have their own store header designs or just a dark gray font header with their particular store name or description like the screenshot below. 


 Product Page View


You may be led to TheAspenStand online store via a particular product link such as this puzzle piece and fork business card screenshot below. The top of the page will highlight that particular product (no store header). It features a large image of the product and optional views such as the back (or sides on other products) slightly below the Customize it! button. The title, price, quantity drop-down button and possible customizing options are also in the upper right corner.

Directly below this section there are the Product Details, About the Design and depending on the product more information in the right column offering (paper weight, binding and trim colors, etc) options particular to the product.

Product Category Page View


If a link sends you to a Department (product category) page such as Business Cards the page in my store will look like the screenshot below.  It has the small title Business Cards title below TheAspenStand page header. The Department (product categories) and Browse this Store (my design titles) are in the left column. Those category titles open up into more products and particular designs.

There are three drop-down menus at the top of this Department (product category page) offering a specific view for Display (single or multiple columns), Show (number of products) and Sort. You can change any of these while you are viewing. Under Sort, you have the options in the screenshot below.

Design Category Page View


If a link sends you to a Browse this Store (category design page) such as Puzzlemania Gifts (highlighted in blue for this post) there are products that feature a particular design.

Notice in the left column where this particular design category has a sub-category Missing Puzzle Piece (highlighted in blue/link below). That separates a particular sub-category from all the other puzzle designs under the general Puzzlemania category. Sub-categories are under many of the Browse this Store categories.


Design Category View 


If you decide to click that particular sub-category design, Missing Puzzle Piece, the screenshot below is how that page will appear. (For the purpose of this post, I highlighted the subtitle in the left column and under the header.)

So I have explained and showed you screenshots of how the page tops of TheAspenStand online Zazzle store will open when particular links are clicked. I've shown you screenshots of the store only, Department (product), Browse this Store (design) and product page link page views.

Will this make initially opening a page at TheAspenStand store a bit easier to understand?

Please leave a comment to help me make this block and my store user friendly and share this link to let others know about the blog. I appreciate the feedback. Thanks so much. 

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