TheAspenStand: Who Knew So Many Things Get Dropped at the Stroke of Midnight to Start Each New Year

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Who Knew So Many Things Get Dropped at the Stroke of Midnight to Start Each New Year

Well look at this. It's another holiday celebrated on my Wednesday post day. Like I mentioned in last week's Christmas Day post that's my schedule and I'm sticking to my word about not procrastinating when it comes to my posting schedule.

First, let me wish all of you a very Happy New Year and welcome you to my first blog post of 2014. I hope you had a wonderful evening celebrating with family and/or friends.

Hopefully you aren't reading this through a hangover and bloodshot eyes. Actually you probably aren't reading anything if that's how your day is starting. Believe me, I certainly wouldn't be up reading anything if my day began that way.

I realized this week's post had to be about the new year but I wasn't sure where that story line would take me. I definitely wasn't going the resolution direction so you're saved from that. 

No, this week I was thinking about having watched on television for many years the New York new year's eve celebration with the ceremonial ball dropping and all those people freezing cold and tightly jammed into one location. People love it.

But I'm smiling about the local new year's eve ceremonial pine cone drop in downtown Flagstaff, Arizona. The pine cone begins the drop from atop the Weatherford Hotel so the crowd gathers at the intersection to watch. The fun here is you can watch it twice...yes, twice...once at 10 p.m so the kids can see it drop and the normal midnight drop.

I took the photo above during a walk through town and you can see the pine cone hanging above the second story balcony of the Weatherford Hotel and just below is the red lighted digital count down clock.

The image on the right is from New Year's Eve about an hour before the 10 p.m. drop for the kids. Looks like a whole different place all in lights for the night. And even though I read it was going to be the warmest new year's eve it has been in a while it was still cold and we weren't dressed to stand outside. We watched people  gathering on the hotel balcony, music filled the air and folks were dancing in the street. We caught up with some friends but hit the road before the drop. We made it home in time to watch the ole traditional celebration in New York's Times Square. So much for staying up late.

I'd heard some other cities have their own tradition but to my surprise, I found a very long List of objects dropped on New Year's Eve. I assumed there might be a list but not quite as comprehensive at this one. So now you know that if you're traveling through northern Arizona next new year's eve or somewhere on the list, you have a chance to watch something getting dropped to start your next new year. Oh and dress appropriately.

Did you go somewhere to watch something drop for the new year?

Where is your favorite place to be on new year's eve?

So let's get this new year started. I appreciate your feedback so let me know your thoughts and share your answers to the questions above. Thank you.


Jayne said...

Happy New Year! My hubby and I celebrated New Year's Eve with our neighbor's across the road. We had a pleasant meal, some nice wine and of course fireworks for the kids (one of whom fell asleep and missed it, lol) Then we just had to walk back across the road and we were home. Wishing you the best for the New Year.

Patricia AZ Phillips said...

And to you Jayne. Thanks for sharing. That sounds like a wonderful evening. We had an early meal in town and wandered around for a while running into some folks we knew. Our neighbor mentioned dropping by when we returned from town but we decided to stay home and watch the ball drop in NY. A little later we noticed the neighbors must have decided to head into town because their house was dark and vehicle gone. LOL Good for them.