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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Let Me Help You With Some Fat Tuesday Mardi Gras Party Ideas

FAT TUESDAY is March 4th

Yes, this year and that means it's fast approaching. Let me help you get the planning started for your Fat Tuesday or Mardi Gras celebration with these online selections. 

Having a special cake? You might want to have a festive topper that you can personalize with something special for your party crowd. The topper below has text that you simply fill in the template field if you want to change it.  But you can take it a little further in Customize it! and select a font style, size and color you like.
Masquerade Masks
Masquerade Masks by Exit178

If you want something a bit different, surf the entire Mardi Gras Cake Topper collection in the Zazzle marketplace for selections like these. 

You have to invite your guests so order from the Zazzle markeplace assortment of of Mardi Gras Party Invitations & Announcements like the ones below.  White envelopes come with each invitation.

If your invitation are ready for mailing so how about custom postage since you might want to mail the invitations with a celebratory custom stamp from the colorful Zazzle marketplace collection of Mardi Gras Postage like the selections below.

Be sure to order the correct postage fee for the type mailing you're sending such as square envelopes which cost more to mail than note or greeting card size.

Was this a helpful post to get you started in your Mardi Gras party planning?

What party planning tasks do you recommend others start early?

Leave a comment to let me know your thoughts. I appreciate the feedback. 


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