TheAspenStand: Happy To Share A Review Of My Recent Zazzle Purchased Digital Art Designed Kindle Caseable Folio

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy To Share A Review Of My Recent Zazzle Purchased Digital Art Designed Kindle Caseable Folio

Yes, I buy products from my own store. These  products have my photography and artwork added and are found in TheAspenStand online store on Zazzle.

I'm sure you were wondering so I wanted to make sure you know. Obviously, I haven't purchased everything but I do look for reviews from other shop keepers who I can ask specific questions on other products. There are also customer reviews on the lower section of each product page.

I have also customized and purchased products by other Zazzle shop keepers that offer a design I like so I'm not only a shop keeper and designer, I'm a customer.

I buy products for gifts, donations, consignment galleries and my personal use. Purchasing these products is a great way to evaluate the product and give you a review of product and design.

I purchased this Pink and Peach Spiral Designed Kindle folio above as a gift. The 7.8" x 5.25" folio is designed for an Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3rd generation. I appreciate the fact that this Caseable folio is handmade with recycled materials in Brooklyn, New York.

This is one of my designs and the case is also available in three other versions (below) with these color coordinated white, pink and peach vertical text banners. The spiral design color on my monitor display is slightly more peachy than my purchase above.

I didn't test the water-resistant fabric wrapped hardcover exterior but it definitely wasn't simply a porous fabric. The folio has an elastic strap closure and I noticed on some cases shown in the store views that it is white. I don't see an option to select colors for the elastic strap so I'm assuming it may be black or white. You'll notice on the top left image with this design that the closure strap partially obstructs the vertical design text band.

The suede folio interior offers a very soft fabric against the Kindle itself and it has a document pocket that is visible on the left in the photo below. There's not a lot of room in that pocket but a few pieces of paper should fit fine. 

I secured an actual Kindle in this case and the inside elastic corner straps held the device tightly. I purchased this folio with the interior (and binding) color that I designed for it but YOU can select from four other colors displayed in the image below on this or any of the other designs you'll find at TheAspenStand Kindle Cases page.

The product arrived in a flat envelope style box slightly larger than the case so you can get an idea of how flat it is without the Kindle strapped inside.

Does this review and the links to other folios offer you enough information to consider a purchase?

What other questions do you have about the folio that would help you consider purchasing one of these type folios?

I would love to hear your feedback so please leave your comments below. Thanks.


  1. I love your review and this case looks gorgeous!

    1. Thanks so much for taking the time to leave a comment Mateja. I'm happy to order many of my Zazzle products because I can then give a personal assessment of the product after handling it and testing wear and tear in some cases.

  2. Nice case design and good review. I was going to order a kindle case with one of my designs on it but I am in the UK and the shipping costs were far too high for me to justify the purchase which is a pity but at least now I have your review to give me an idea of what you get. Thanks

  3. Thanks so much for taking the time to read and comment on my Kindle case product review. I’m glad it was helpful.
    Purchases offer me the opportunity to physically view it, handle it and in some cases use it. Using products like the acrylic luggage tags and electronics skins and cases allows me to offer a wear and tear comment/review after having it for some time.
    I watch my emails and have taken advantage of the extraordinary 50% and 75% off Zazzle sales whenever I can. Perhaps you can catch one of those great sales to help offset the shipping fees.


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