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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Bring A Custom Baby Shower Gift That You Easily Personalize From A Selection of Zazzle Pacifers

Photo courtesy Kristina Johnson

Give  a personalized pacifier that shows you took extra care to select the right gift. Attending a baby shower isn't something I've done since...well I can't remember the last one. Nearly a year ago I received a baby shower invitation  that recommended a gift of a specific size baby diaper. That sounded like a great idea to initially keep the couple stocked in a variety of diaper sizes for a while  but I definitely wanted to think of something special in addition to the diapers.

Zazzle had recently added BooginHead® custom pacifiers to the product line, so I could see a two-fold reason for ordering a custom pacifier. First I could review the quality of the product and view the design work.  Second, I could offer a custom personalized gift for the shower. Even though I had some pacifiers already designed in my store, I decided to make several specific pink designs for this particular shower. It was exciting when I learned that a baby name had been picked so I could also add a name. 

Make sure you verify the spelling of the baby's name before adding to your product even though Zazzle has a great satisfaction guaranteed policy known as The Zazzle Promise you don't want to have an incorrectly spelled name on a gift.

 Size and Color

The Zazzle custom BooginHead® pacifier offers two custom orthodontic silicone nipple sizes ~ 0-6 and 6+ month sizes. The nipples are 100% BPA, PVC, and Phthalate free. At the right you can see a comparison of the two sizes side by side and in relation to two quarters. You can select from white and a very subtle pink or blue frame. The image at the right  shows the pink (left) and white frame colors.

I added the three designs I made for this shower to the collection of pacifiers in my Zazzle store, TheAspenStand. Some of my designs are templates which allow customers to easily fill in the template field on that page. Designs without a template field can easily be personalized by going into the Customize It! option on the product page and easily add text.

Design and Text Options

The image on the left displays one of the pacifiers I designed and purchased. I did learn font size shouldn't be much smaller than what I chose. In the baby image (above) and the image to the left, you can easily read the name. I imagine there will be customers who may want to use a larger sized font on a purchase. You can test larger font sizes and font styles in the Customize It! option of the product page.

If you don't see a design you like in my collection, check out the Zazzle Marketplace pacifier collection that offers more than 390K wonderfully creative options where more are added daily by thousands of talented artists and photographers offering their work on Zazzle. Fill in the search bar at the top of the Zazzle page with a specific phrase or term such as "pacifier animal cartoon" to focus your choices from this enormous selection.

Would you consider purchasing personalized pacifiers for the next baby shower you attend?

Why would you recommend this custom BooginHead® pacifier option from Zazzle to others?

I would love to read your thoughts so please leave your comments below answering the questions and any other post related information. Thanks.

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