TheAspenStand: My Mind Is Already Into 2014 So I Have A Thought On Helping You Get Ready For The New Year Too

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

My Mind Is Already Into 2014 So I Have A Thought On Helping You Get Ready For The New Year Too

Who's looking forward to 2014? I’m done with Christmas once I mail off some packages which will allow me to focus on the New Year. I'm starting one list each to organize annual personal and business tasks for 2014. No sense getting behind the power curve once the New Year rolls in.

I don’t know about you but there will be NO resolutions to start the year for me. I’ve been through multiple failed attempts in the past. Now, if I want to do something I follow the Nike® slogan "Just Do It." The recent decision for consistency here with a weekly Wednesday blog post is proof that I don’t like putting off what I can start now. The dual lists will keep me focused and I'll add to them throughout the year. 

Relieve Some Stress

That said, I'm going to share one way to ease some minor stress throughout the year by using TheAspenStand store and Zazzle marketplace.  Who needs cards for annual birthdays and anniversaries plus particular special events like weddings, graduations, births or other occasions? Most of us do. How often do you have to run out at the last minute? Not me because ordering for the entire year is on my personal list. That done, it's nice to know the greeting/note cards are at my fingertips.

Yes, at sometime during the year, I order all the cards I'll need and organize them in an accordion folder by month corresponding with the occasion. This has become an annual routine for me and I’m not the only one who orders for the year. Doing so means no last minute running out for cards. Best of all, I can personalize them for each individual occasion.

Tattered Heart Design Over Red Spirals and Stars Card
I also keep generic cards that are blank inside for any unexpected event in which I can hand write a personal note. You can find thousands of designs like the one on the left that is blank inside in the Zazzle marketplace. You can also customize other cards by completely removing text.

Volume Discount or Sale

Visit TheAspenStand store or the Zazzle marketplace to get a volume discount on greeting/notes cards. Order multiples of one particular card or a variety of cards and the total purchase is still eligible for a volume discount. I've added a screen shot at right which is a drop down menu on a greeting card page displaying the volume discount information. The review (star) rating shows how customers have rated card purchases.

If you already order cards for the entire year or this sounds like a good idea, you can coordinate the order to take advantage of a sale announcement. My recent post on how to find Christmas sales in my store or Zazzle wide is also relevant to year-round sales.

If you do use a discount/sale coupon code you'll want to know the following statement is generally written into the details about sales. "If a volume discount applies to your order, you will receive either the discount set forth in this offer or the standard volume discount, whichever is greater."

That's GOOD news!

Would ordering all your cards for the year offer you peace of mind?

Do you think being able to personalize card covers and inside text would make you more likely to visit TheAspenStand or Zazzle to order your cards online?

Let me know in a comment below if you found this post helpful and if you think it would be helpful to others please share it. Thank you.

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