TheAspenStand: If You Are Worried About That Lost Week Of Christmas Shopping Check Sales At Zazzle Now

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

If You Are Worried About That Lost Week Of Christmas Shopping Check Sales At Zazzle Now

Are you doing a double take at the calendar? Did you just realize that a whole week has been lost from your Christmas shopping schedule. You and possibly a lot of other shoppers are now feeling the pressure to get a move on with those important purchases.

Knowing that the online shopping market is a 24/7/365 might offer you a bit of relief. Yes, Cyber Monday is long gone so let me share how you can find some bargains. With a couple of clicks, you can see what's happening with discount offers at my store TheAspenStand at Zazzle. After you've searched my store, I recommend you check out the Zazzle Marketplace where thousands of other artists and photographers are also offering their work on custom products.


The sale information locations I'm sharing below are available in my store or in the Zazzle marketplace. Once you have clicked on the store link, there are two places to look for any new or ongoing sales.  The first screenshot below is the upper page of the TheAspenStand storefront. The sale announcements are in the line above where I've added the red line and two arrows to draw your focus. Just one click to visit the storefront will offer you a look at what sale may be taking place.

The second place you may see a sale announcement is when you are in the store viewing products. You may see the notice on a particular product page (eg electronics case) where that item is currently on sale or it may be a general sale announcement for a percentage off all or specific items. Between the red arrows in the bottom screenshot you'll generally find discount information on that product page and it will be in a pronounced color font such as the red.


Keep in mid that these sales require the use of a coupon code. The code may be noted on that initial viewable announcement or in the details about that sale. In both announcement examples above Click for Code is at the end of the messages. Click that link to get more detailed information and the discount code you'll need to type into a designated box at checkout.

Once you've added your items to the cart look for the field (box) on that checkout page to type in the coupon code. Once you've added that, you will see a pop up message that indicates whether you successfully added the code. Notice in the detailed sale information that the coupon codes are typed in all caps. I've never tried typing them in lower case so I can't say if that would work.

Where do you generally search for coupon / discount codes for online shopping?

Would the easy access to sale information make you more likely to check out TheAspenStand and Zazzle Marketplace ?

Once you offer some feedback below follow one of the links to the store and see what's on sale.
I would love to read your thoughts so please leave your post related comments below. Thank you.

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