TheAspenStand: No More Waiting ~ Procrastination Seems So Much Easier Than Change UNTIL We Make That Move

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

No More Waiting ~ Procrastination Seems So Much Easier Than Change UNTIL We Make That Move

Guess what? I’m NOT going to procrastinate any longer by convincing myself to wait and make a New Year’s resolution. We already know what happens to most resolutions after a couple of months or even days so let's get this started. I'm ready to tackle this new endeavor now.

What is this endeavor that I will no longer delay? I plan to take a little bit of a different path with this blog. Ive been reading a lot of helpful information about social media and blogging that Id like to employ. The reading was great but one glaring take-away from all the material is that without sitting down to write I can't share anything. It's not that I don't like to write or haven't written before but being so finicky about material had me stalled. So here I am writing with a smile knowing I have some new post ideas, a new attitude and I'm ready to tackle this. Seriously!

Adding More Me

You might notice that Ive been blogging here for some time but not with any schedule. Consistency is one element I want to add along with incorporating a bit more of ME into the posts. As mentioned, I’ve already made a list of ideas to help with topics hoping to keep on schedule without adding any last minute panic. I’ve selected the day of a weekly consistent post as Wednesday with the option to add additional posts any other day around that.

I still plan to share my Zazzle store products and that of other great artists and photographers who I like to promote but I plan to take a different approach. You’ll see that start with a product review I’ve been working on for next Wednesday's post. You will also be treated to the adventures of a house full of four legged fur babies, the beautiful environment where we live, stories of any travels and whatever else I might fancy.

While adding new blog posts and sharing those on social media, I also plan to share some older updated and still relevant posts on several social media outlets. You can find me on Twitter as Exit178, my FaceBook page and Pinterest board are titled TheAspenStand (easy to remember) and at my G+ profile .

Black and Red Thank You Word Cloud StickerRecognition

Let me thank the folks who have read, commented or shared my posts in the past. I hope you stick with me as I change this up a bit and add consistency. I also want to throw in a very grateful Thank You to Kim Yuhl.  A couple of Kim's most recent tweets and blog posts were the last little bit of encouragement I needed.

So let's add a new chapter to this adventure and check back next Wednesday for the start of something new.

What keeps you blogging OR keeps you from blogging?

How do you make changes in your life easier to handle?

I would love to read your thoughts so please leave your comments below answering the questions and any other post related information. Thanks.


  1. Go for it! Looking forward to seeing more stuff from you - especially photographs from you lovely part of the world!

    1. Thanks Deb. You're blog posts have always inspired me to put more work into my blogging. I've got a great start on a list of post ideas with photos.


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