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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Simply Click The Colors You Prefer To Personalize Custom Rickshaw Messenger Bags At Zazzle

Let me explain you how easy it is personalize the colors of an American made Rickshaw Zero Messenger bag from any of the 20 different colors offered by Zazzle.

These custom bags come in mini, medium and large and designed with an interchangeable accessories system making the bag customizable inside and out. You will find accessories such as a strap pad and interior pockets on the large and medium bag pages below the color swatches and the "Information by the Designer" area. The mini bag page simply offers a large ruled moleskin journal.

 Construction and Color

The bags are carefully constructed in San Francisco with a focus on environmental sustainability to combine form, function and a small ecological footprint. In addition, they are water resistant and extra durable (machine-washable). They are vibrantly printed on rugged polyester. Having purchased  a medium sized bag, I can attest to the quality workmanship.

When you visit a product page, by clicking on any of the bag images below, you'll see 20 Color Option swatches in the right column from which to choose for the binding and interior. Scroll your cursor over any of the swatches to see a pop-up, like the example at right, shows what the bag interior or binding looks like in the color you selected. Click the color of your choice and it's now on the bag. It's as easy as that.

The Bags

So lets talking about your color choices. The medium sized messenger bag below showcases my It's A Style GRUNGE Rusty Letters design with Coffee color binding and interior. The brown you see below the flap is considered interior.

While adding  this grunge design on the original Coffee binding and interior bag above, I checked it out in the Moss and Steel colors you see below. It's the same medium sized bag just with different colors.
This medium sized bag below shows you can mix the colors which I've done by making the binding Flannel and the interior Coal for a slight variance in color.
Black Rusty Metal Grunge Photograph Courier Bags
This Mandarin binding and interior color bag below is a Rickshaw Large Zero Messenger bag. You can make the same color changes on this large bag product page as on the medium sized bag.

The last cute bag below is the Rickshaw Mini Zero Messenger bag which I designed with a Black binding and interior.

Does being able to select your personal colors on a bag make you more inclined to look?

Do you think the ability to personalize a bag like this would make a good gift idea?

Before checking out the links to some of the bags, I would love to hear your thoughts on the post and answers to the two questions.

Thanks for stopping by to check out the post. Click one of the images to visit that product page and see what colors you like, check out TheAspenStand page of messenger bags or visit the Zazzle Marketplace to search through the more than 186,000 bag designs. 

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