TheAspenStand: Zazzle ID Tags Still Look Good After Two+ Years Use

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Zazzle ID Tags Still Look Good After Two+ Years Use

UPDATE MAY 13, 2015: It is now more than two years later and these acrylic identification tags are still holding up. They have a few scratches in the clear plastic from air travel but it hasn't affected anyone viewing the writing on both sides. So I've update this post and hope you find it helpful. 

I have taken a step up in the world with new rugged 100% ultra-durable acrylic custom luggage identification tags offered by Zazzle. Paper airline luggage tags have been the way I identified my luggage and carry-on bags for as long as I can remember. I did have one bag that had a hidden tag compartment but even that had a paper tag that slipped out.

When I received my double sided custom Zazzle luggage tags in the mail I was quite pleased with the design result. I also wanted to offer a review for anyone interested in purchasing an identification tag. The print and my logo were sharp and clear. According to Zazzle, they are produced using the AcryliPrint®HD printing process to show designs, text and photos in vibrant clarity and brilliant colors. After two years, the colors haven't faded. I can now say that they have been through two years of airport baggage handling, hotel luggage carts, in and out of car trunks and back seats and on my purse.  They've held up well and still look new. 

When set next to a standard business card, the identification tag actually looks larger but you can see by the image at the right that it is business card size (2" x 3.5"). You can also see it comes with a sturdy leather strap and buckle. Below is a side view revealing two acrylic layers and a thin paper layer with the two designs (front and back) sandwiched in between. The Zazzle description explains that these tags are UV resistant and waterproof. I can now attest to the fact that mine still look new except for the outer scratches on the acrylic. As I mentioned in the first paragraph update those minor scratches don't hinder viewing the design and text. 

How else can you use these sturdy identification tags? You might also consider them to identify items in storage. We use plastic containers for camping equipment and these tags make a great way to list items stored in containers such as kitchenware, tools etc.

Below are a few luggage tags from TheAspenStand at Zazzle that you might like or check out the Zazzle page with many more wonderful designs by thousands of talented artists and photographers.

Click the image to see a larger view and your customizing options. 
How can you think to use these glossy tags?

Would you consider giving them as gifts like stocking stuffers? 

I’m sure there are many other uses so leave a comment to share your ideas and your thoughts on the post then go visit the links. Thanks. 


  1. Excellent review, I had no idea that these were such high quality tags. Your actual product photo looks super!

  2. Thanks so much Carolyn. Now that I have seen the quality, I will definitely order some for gifts.

  3. Nice review, Patricia! I agree, seeing is believing with the luggage tags.


    1. Thanks Deb. Now that I've seen the actual product and the size, I like the idea of using it for more than luggage identification.

  4. Great review Patricia. I haven't seen these in person, but I like the idea of them for sure.

  5. Thanks Shannon. I'm still mesmerized by the illusion that without the business card next to the tag it looks larger. I'm hoping someone who has used it on a bag for some time will give us some comments on how it is holding up.

  6. Thanks so much for checking it out and for taking the time to leave a comment James. I'm very glad you found it informative.

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