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Friday, June 15, 2012

Custom MacBook Sleeves Made From Scratch In San Francisco

(Post updated 11/7/2017)

Be the talk of the local coffee shop, library, bookstore, or cafe when you carry in your Rickshaw laptop sleeve constructed of rugged Cordura® nylon featuring an ultra-plush padded liner.

I own a Rickshaw Bagworks MacBook sleeve that features my Sunflowers Before the Storm digitally edited photograph. I  love the printing quality and workmanship.


Chocolate and Almonds Close Up Photographs Sleeve For MacBook Pro
This sleeve provides the ultimate level of protection while beautifully displaying custom artwork, designs, and text. The Rickshaw Bagworks laptop sleeves are made from scratch in San Francisco with a focus on environmentally sustainable manufacturing. A few other details include:
  • Water resistant, extra durable construction
  • Ultra-plush, laptop-grade padded liner
  • Secure hook and loop flap closure
  • Sized perfectly for MacBook/MacBook Pro 13” (14.25"W x 10.9"H x .75" D) & MacBook/Macbook Pro 15” (16"W x 11.75"H x .75")


When you visit a product page at Zazzle, reviews are visible below the product information on each page. This allows you to read reviews from customers about sleeves they've purchased like the two reviews below.  Both these reviewers gave their MacBook sleeves five stars.

A customer review at Zazzle by Theresa Buster 10/11/16 reads:
"Ok, I'm Wowed
About the product: For one it is beautiful. Twos, it's practical with its spacious design and secure padding and yet it fits into my large tote for easy travel.
About the print: This could have been first. It's gorgeous! Vivid, rich color is front and back on this computer bag. Sorry Mac fans but yes my HP fits too. I only wish this Willow and Tulip pattern was available on more products." 

Another satisfied customer Gina Schuchman on 8/11/16 says:
"Custom Laptop Cases Rock
About the product: This is my second case with the same beautiful artwork. I love the design and had to buy a new computer so I got the same case. Love it. Great quality and a good price. I also got the same pattern on a phone case so I match. Lots of compliments from people all the time.
About the print: Great! Very clear and vibrant color."


You'll find thousands of designs at Zazzle by incredibly talented artists such as this "sweet" chocolate design above which is one of my designs at my Zazzle store TheAspenstand.

This MacBook Pro 15" Rickshaw flap computer sleeve above is adorned with the words chocolate, almonds and dark chocolate text in English, French and German in a variety of font styles, sizes and colors as background for a close up photograph of chocolate bits and almonds spilling from a black ramekin on both sides and the top flap. Want a different background color?  Easy, just click customize on the product page to select a background color other than black.

Below is a recent addition to my collection of MacBook sleeves available in 13" and 15" designs.

Click the image to see your options on this product page. 

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