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Monday, May 28, 2012

Simple Steps For Giving Personalized Gifts Anytime

     You have a special birthday, anniversary or other occasion to buy for and you are stumped as to what would make a great gift. I surmise you are not alone and that this has happened to us all at one time or another. You're thinking about it well in advance so why not plan on personalizing a gift. As I've written in A Personalized Keepsake, gifts are generally well received and cherished when you add a special touch.  You do that quite simply on many of the millions of Zazzle products. Imagine the recipient's surprise when the gift you present is sporting his/her name, favorite quote or photograph of something very special to that individual. 


Green Metal Weld Grunge Photograph Blackberry Bold Covers    So what kind of gifts are we talking about? Once you start perusing the variety of Zazzle products, you'll find that a majority of the gift ideas are customizable. Take this Green Metal Weld Grunge Blackberry Bold Barely There Case-Mate brand case that sells in my store TheAspenStand on Zazzle. Guys who love cars and metal work might get a kick out this when you add their name or favorite vehicle made and model. It's a template design so you fill in the template field, can remove the text completely (although that wouldn't be making it special) or go into the customize option to tweak the font style, color and size.

Unique and Custom Designs

Weeds In The Cracks Photograph Coffee Mug
     There are so many ideas to choose from that you can look through designs for hours. If you have an idea for someone like a coffee or tea drinker you can go directly to the custom mugs page and do a search.  You'll notice under "Choose your style, color and size" on a mug page that there are numerous other options besides the classic white. You'll see options like morphing, ringer, frosted glass and beer mugs, two tone mugs and white and stainless travel mugs. This Weeds In the Cracks Photograph mug is definitely unique and might make a great gift from a business owner for the landscaper or landscape maintenance crew.  Picture their faces when you present them with a personalized mug letting them know how much you appreciate their work. 

Clothing Is Always An Option 

     If you are looking for humor, brand names or vintage you'll find a slew of T-Shirt ideas. It is advertised as "Made in 24 hours" on the main Zazzle t-shirt page so that's a plus and they offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. You'll also see all your options under "Choose your style and color" which include the option of having that design printed on women, children and men sized shirts along with sweatshirts and hoodies.  Below is the Reboot Computer Keys T-shirt that illustrates another great feature which is printing on the front and back .

Reboot Computer Keys T-shirtReboot Computer Keys T-shirt


     Since Zazzle is online that means the stores are available to you 24-hours a day whenever the need hits. It wouldn't hurt to take a peek. There are Zazzle shops with artwork designs, photography,  vintage, brand name stores and much more. I believe you'll be amazed by so many talented contributors and pleased at the design variety. 

     Click any of the images to see your customizing options on that product page. I would be honored to have you check out my eclectic product selection available at TheAspenStand on Zazzle or to follow the links above to thousands of Zazzler designed products. I'd appreciate if you'd let me know if this post was helpful by leaving a comment.

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