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Monday, March 19, 2012

For the Love of a Cat

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     If you have ever owned cats you know that their personalities vary as much as humans.  We have had neighbors drop off strays and their unwanted rescues and rescued many on our own. It never fails to amaze me how much these cats seem to know that we kept them from a horrible life or even death.  Last year I wrote about our Maine Coon mix when I entered him into the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) and Humane Society International (HSI) Spay Day 2011 contest.

 Decisions, Decisions
      Our newest rescue who we named Camber (I'm a NASCAR fan) has turned out to be another incredible rescue. I saw him one day while purchasing pet products.  He threw himself against the kennel, let me rub him and was so outgoing. I read the information about him and saw that he had already been adopted by a family with children and the rescue people wrote that "he was scared and hid all the time" so the family returned him. I decided to see if someone would adopt him later that day. The following day I called and he was still there so I returned to adopt him.  He sat in the back of his kennel this time and looked terrified but I adopted him anyway knowing lots of love would be good for him..
Kitty Hut Close Up Photo giftbox, cat, tabby, peeking, feline, pet, animal rescue     Since we have two dogs and two cats we knew there would have to be a get to know you period.  I put Camber in my home office which has glass pocket doors so he could look out and the other pets could look in.  It took a couple of days where he was comfortable with us humans coming in and out so we started supervised visits with the animals one at a time.  It all worked out and he's just another member of the eclectic human, animal family in the house.  He's become so good that when strangers come to visit he climbs right up on their laps (if they don't mind) to visit for a while.
Brotherly Love, mousepad, cats, cute, preening, computer accessory, feline, pet     He has also bonded so well with out cat, Weaver, who has cerebellar hyperplasia that we swear he is doing more things than he could before.  Weaver will be seven years old this summer and has been such a wonder cat.  He's now able to swing his leg up to scratch his ears and stretch his legs out over his head to preen.  He had no coordination to do some of those things before yet with all the playing he does with Camber I think it has somehow helped him.

 Return On Investment
     Animal adoption is a wonderful experience but one must understand that human companion responsibilities are much more than you might expect.  Feeding and cleaning poop is the easy part.  Spending quality time with each animal and caring for their health needs such as veterinarian visits are very important and can get very expensive.  Talking to other pet owners, veterinarians, shelter personal and animal foster parents is a great start before you dive in to pet ownership.  Take your time doing the research and then decide.  It's an awesome experience if you understand it requires tremendous responsibility.
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  1. Thanks so much Linda stopping by and leaving a comment. ;-)

  2. Great post! We have two rescue kitties right now and before that our other two kitties who have now passed away were also rescue kitties. One was even found in a dumpster when she was just a baby. They are all so different for sure. The ones we have now were both at the city pound... not claimed after being "lost". They really do show their appreciation for saving them. One of them was in the pound for 3 months! Must have seemed like a lifetime to him.

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by to share your experience Shannon. We found a lone kitten scrounging around a dumpster too so she was brought home for a better life and no scrounging.


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