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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Add Your Personal Touch

      Avery custom labels can be printed by Zazzle or you can leave the text off of a special background to do the printing at home.  The labels below in groups of three are shipping, address and return address size.
     A great deal is that you can order just 10+ sheets of different designs and sizes and still receive a volume discount.  The table is listed below for you to see the options.  These labels are customizable so you can select a style font, color and size you prefer.  The shipping labels also make great property tags, name tags and bookplates.
     Visit TheAspenStand to see a variety of designs on shipping, address and return address labels.  See more labels designed as bookplates, name tags, property tags, canning tags and more in the Zazzle Marketplace.
Gingham, violet, purple Butterfly, shipping label
Scratchy Green Spirals, digital art, fractal, shipping label
Chocolate Lab On A Forest Trail, shipping label, digital photography, altered photograph
Terra Cotta, Sun On Sand, polished Rocks, address label
Rolling Purple, digital art, address label
Orange, Spring Flash African Daisy, Close Up Photo, address label

Sleeping Kitten In Bright Red Basket, return address label
Colorful, Jagged, Edge, Flower, Heart, return address labelPink, Poppy, return address label

Label Volume Discounts

Quantity Discount
10 - 24 sheets 10% off
25 - 49 sheets 20% off
50 - 74 sheets 30% off
75 - 99 sheets 40% off
100 - 249 sheets 50% off
250+ sheets 50% off
You don't have to buy multiples of the same Avery label to receive a quantity discount. You'll receive a quantity discount on any order of 10 or more Avery label items!

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