TheAspenStand: A "Doggone" Great Photo Model

Monday, October 31, 2011

A "Doggone" Great Photo Model

     Okay, okay, so it's a four legged model but he's still great.  I have been contemplating ideas for photographing my dogs to use on Christmas cards for so long. I finally stopped procrastinating after I received a special request for dogs on Christmas cards.
    I tested the props on both our dogs but as I suspected the chocolate Labrador Retriever was the most willing.  Not to say our border collie/heeler mix wasn't a good choice, he just wouldn't sit still.  Yet I found it comical that when the Lab was doing his best modeling, the border collie wouldn't move more than about two feet away as he watched intently to what was happening.
   As I praised both dogs for being so good and calm the lab just closed his eyes lying there half asleep as I swapped out props.  Rewards were totally appropriate at the end of the shoot since both boys were so well behaved.
   Below are the cards resulting from several of the shots I took that day. Check out more dog photograph Christmas cards at TheAspenStand on Zazzle.


ArtformTheHeart* said...

Absolutely adorable!! I love the doggie biscuit dreams one.

Exit178 said...

Thanks so much. I couldn't resist with that one.

Krystal said...

For what it's worth I still love your work, you do great photography and have such wonderful/patient dogs! Beautiful. Wishing you many sales on these pieces!

Exit178 said...

Thank you, I hope you and baby are doing well.