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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

It Really Is This Easy

      Offering a personalized greeting or note card is easier than you might think. Let me show you how you can personalize a greeting card from my Zazzle store TheAspenStand. There are thousands of cards choices on Zazzle that are customizable and that are simply templates offering text fields which allow you to personalize cover and inside text by typing in the words that fit your specific need. If the card is showing Happy Birthday you can change it to Thinking of You. If you don't like the inside message type in what you want.

Pick A Size & Fill In Fields

      When you go to the page for this card, you'll see it is a Condolence card. The circle on the illustration above shows you where you 1 Personalize it and 2 Choose your size .  If you click number #2 you can choose whether you want to personalize and purchase a greeting card size at 5" x 7" or a note card size at 5.6" X 4".

     This is a template design so when you click Personalize it you can simply fill in the template fields as shown in the illustration to the right with text you want or remove the text completely especially on the inside where you can leave room for a handwritten note. The arrows in this illustration, as well as the text above the template field, identify that the first field is for the card cover and the second field is for the inside. Artists have their own way of describing these fields but they are easy to identify.

Change Other Options

     You may prefer a different font style, color and size than what is shown so you can also click the orange Customize it! button you see to the left of the #2 in the above illustration.  When you click this you'll see the options in the display below. First, be sure to click the text field you want to change.  You'll see a blue frame (highlight) around the text field and a dotted line around the text that you are about to change on the card.  When you see the blue frame around the text you will see what else you can change (font style, size and color) which is identified by the circle in the illustration below.  Click the script "f" inside the circled area to view a list of font styles, click the "+ or -" signs to increase or decrease the font size and click the arrow next to the block of color (white in this case) to select a different color text.

Totally personalize it when you add the recipient's name, a quote special to him or her on the inside or even customize Thank You notes after a special occasion.

The Thinking of You card below is what the card front would look like if you just changed the text in the field and used the same font style, size and color.

Would you like to try customizing a card?

How would you feel receiving a personalized card?

I'd love to hear your comments about this post and your results in customizing a card.  If you have any questions, put them in the comments we may help others.

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