TheAspenStand: Is It Insanity Or Is It Working

Friday, July 29, 2011

Is It Insanity Or Is It Working

     Albert Einsten is attributed with saying insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.  So as not to fit into the insanity category in relation to my marketing techniques, I’ve been attempting to improve my blog posts.  I use these posts in addition to my presence on Twitter to help promote my photography and digital artwork. 

Customizable Products
Spiraled Clay Wind Chimes Still Life card
     I use my photography and digital art in designing custom products like this greeting card with a digitally altered photograph of wind chimes that can be personalized at my online Zazzle store TheAspenStand.  The Wind Chimes design is also available on a postcard and a poster in several versions all of which you can personalize on the individual product page. Click the greeting card image to the right to see your customizing options on this card.

Stock Photography

     I also upload some of my photography for purchase at numerous online stock photography sites like this vertical format image of unripend grapes available from my portfolio on iStockphoto.  You can see the other stock photography sites that host my portfolio listed in the upper left panel of this page.

Garnered Attention

     The blog still doesn’t seem to attract much attention except for the short post about our Grand Canyon Colorado River rafting trip that included only one photograph.  The other post that I see listed in numerous issues like my paper TheAspenStand Daily is titled Size Matters.  That post has appeared in numerous papers probably because I promote it via scheduled tweets and I think the title is also a draw. That post was written after reading about how the blog post title should be one of many components used in attracting readers. 

Keyword Enlightenment

     So I’ve been working on the post titles and adding subtitles to break up the chunks of information but recently reread  6 Easy Ways To Get More Traffic To Your Blog.  Now I’m putting additional focus on placing keywords / tags in the first paragraph and throughout the post instead of just the little box at the end of the draft post.

     So the more I read, learn and put into practice I can only hope my efforts are actually working. Please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts about this post or how you have attracted readers.


Derek said...

Wow Patricia, did you take the Wind Chimes photo? It's beautiful.

Exit178 said...

Hey Derek. Yes, that's my wind chime photo. I took about 50 total and that was one of several favorites. Thanks for leaving a comment. Hope you are doing well.