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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Zazzle Volume Discount Doesn't Mean Purchasing Hundreds

Scrap Paper On Cork Photograph Border Business Card     I'm here to let you in on what I think is an overlooked fact when purchasing items from the print on demand company Zazzle. You see, there is a Volume Discount on many items and some product discounts begin with as few as two of a particular type product. One example is two boxes of 100 standard business cards like the custom template design to the right is $3.47 off per box. For two sheets of large custom postage stamps it is $2 off per sheet. You can also find the discount amounts or percentages when you go to the top right of the order area on the product page. Click on the down arrow for quantity and it shows you the percentages or an amount in red if there is a discount for that particular product.

Lets Talk Stationery 


     So to better explain this volume rate, I'm showing you multiple customizable stationery designs below. I've selected several of my border style designs for the examples. To customize these designs, you can fill in a template field on the product page with information that you want to appear on it. On other designs that may not be templates you will need to click the orange Customize it! button to add text or to select a different font style, size and color than what has been selected.

The Volume Rate


      So with stationery, you can order 25 sheets and get 30% off (per sheet).  I've included the Stationery Volume Discounts table at the end of this post.  The highlight here is that you can order different stationery designs (from my store and another shop keepers Zazzle store) and still get the bulk discount when you go through checkout. So for example if you wanted to order 10 sheets of the Purple Swirl Border stationery below and personalize it for a teacher's gift you could also personalize 15 sheets of the Pink & Peach Swirl Border design for yourself or someone else as a gift to get the 30% volume discount by ordering 25 sheets during a single checkout session.

     Click on any of the images below to see your personalizing options on that product page. You can also click HERE to see other Stationery designs at TheAspenStand on Zazzle.  
Peach & Pink Swirl Border stationeryPurple Swirl Border stationery

       Now when I say border, it also includes partial borders like the Yellow Flower & Filigree and Fractal Flower & Leaf Borders designs below.

Yellow Flower & Filigree stationeryFractal Flower & Leaf Borders stationery
     What special occasion(s) have you used personalized stationery?

     Do you think your child's teacher or a friend would appreciate personalized stationery sheets as gifts?

     I would love to hear your comments here for the above questions. If you have any questions on an actual product, feel free to contact me via the Contact link on that product page in the store or via the Send Message in the left column of other store pages. Thank you.

  Stationery Volume Discounts
25-4930% off
50-9945% off
100-24955% off
250+60% off

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