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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two Words That Make Me Very Happy To Repeat

If I’m not with the pets all day, I can guarantee that I say “thank you” to most people with whom I interact. A cashier at the store, the postal worker or someone I’ve spoken to on the phone most definitely get my thanks. And I’ve written store managers to thank them for having dedicated and efficient employees, of course after thanking the employee during service that went above and beyond.

Service With Frosting
Several occasions come to mind that made me decide this was going to be my next blog post. The story that tops them all was service at a local store. A couple of days after superior service at this location, I received a handwritten personal thank you note for doing business with that particular company. The wonderful service alone would have gotten my recommendation for others to visit that store but the thank you was frosting on an already sweet experience.

The Twitter Phenomenon
The other story I wanted to share is the number of friendly folks on Twitter.  I don't personally know about 90 percent of the people I follow on Twitter yet it's like a conference call in text.  Sure, I know a lot of the Tweeters through forums and common interests but that doesn't mean people are going to be congenial yet there's a lot of sharing and thank you tweets going around on a daily basis.

Distractions Be Gone
Life is so busy and people are so distracted by all the daily routines that sometimes courtesy gets lost in the activities of the day. After my husband held the door for a couple, who seemed totally distracted I turned back and said “you’re welcome” when they just walked off. I don’t mind giving anyone a bit of a nudge so to speak.

Some Form Is Better Than None
When interacting online, I make sure to say thank you and even an email which may seem quite impersonal can be better than nothing. So don’t hesitate to remind me if I forget and I hope you too are as willing and happy to thank those who earn it.

Keep Some On Hand
I’m quite aware most people don’t use postal mail when they can email, text or call nowadays but it’s always nice to have either blank or custom cards that you can use for a simple “Thank You Note.” You can check out the selection of thank you cards, greeting card and the smaller note sized, HERE in my Zazzle store TheAspenStand.  Other cards in the store can be customized or are templates that can be made into Thank You cards.

I would love to hear your comments or stories where a “thank you” effected you.

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