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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lazy And Disrespectful Come To Mind

Sharing Our Surroundings
Summer morning on Garland Prairie, Northern Arizona
     At a young age I learned sharing as I’m sure so many of you also did. I love sharing the environment in which I live and by which I’m surrounded. I also respect the environment of places I visit so that it can continue to be shared.
     This little rant is a bit off my normal postings but I feel it is important. Writing this is important for me to get this unhappiness with some people off my chest and important to remind all who share the environment to leave it as you would want to find it.
Take It If It Doesn't Belong
     You see I have this “obsessive compulsive” habit of picking up trash when I’m out and about. I’d like to believe that others inadvertently drop trash or it blows off from a holding place. I’d really like to think that but know I’d be living in a dream world because of the manner in which I find some of this trash.
What Are The Clues?
     While I’m hiking forest trails and prairies, I always assume a ripped plastic bag tethered to a piece of brush was a blow away. I assume the bag got away from someone so I pull out one of the bags I carry on my hikes and start sharing. I pick up objects that don't belong.  And eventually I come to the pile that says, “We were lazy and disrespectful people who drank/ate here, left all the trash to ruin the natural beauty and don't care if anyone picks it up.” No joke, that is just what runs through my mind with each of the piles I find and it absolutely ticks me off.
                                   Recyclables Top The List
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle sticker
Reduce, Reuse, Recycle by Exit178
     I generally return home with more recyclables than not…aluminum cans, glass bottles, plastic water bottles, plastic bags and cardboard/paper.  So why is it that I can pick it up, carry it home, separate it and take it to a recycling location and others can’t simply take it out of the natural environment they share with us and put it in a trash bin?
It’s Good For The Heart
     If I am disturbing you by what I say then stop reading because you can’t feel as strongly about this as I do. Come on people, sharing makes one feel good and in this case cleaning up after yourself leaves the environment as you would like to find it. Picking up one’s trash isn’t a whole lot to expect!
     What's your role in keeping your surroundings natural? I’d love to hear your comments.


Exit178 said...

Thanks for your comments on Twitter Krystal, @alittlebitoffun and @babybelleez . said...

I love it.... Very good way to help... I teach my to hold on to trash and put it where it belongs... Im out in the ocean alot and it sickens me when theres trash floating around and on the beaches....

Exit178 said...

Hey, thanks for the response. You sound like a good teacher. I immediately thought of the beautiful beaches down your way and wondered if you see the same thing. I remember seeing a tractor type vehicle on Fort Lauderdale beaches cleaning junk from the sand in the early morning.