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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Colorful Torch Lily

     My “Torch Lilies” aren’t blooming yet but the greenery looks healthy so I’m looking forward to a nice crop of flowers soon.  I even saw a new growth in an area where one plant had been pulled up by our puppy 2 years ago.   That year he decided if I could dig holes and put things in the ground it must have been okay for him to dig holes to pull them out.  It was a short lived puppy thing.
Radiant Torch Lily invitation     If you haven’t seen them, the “Red Hot Poker” flower is a true eye catcher.  I remember first seeing them in downtown Flagstaff, AZ and wondering what they were.  The plant is a southern African perennial classified as Kniphofia also known as Tritoma.  The flowers I’ve seen are a red, orange and yellow; however, I’ve read there are also cream colored blooms.  The bloom is in the shape of a rocket and the flower head can reach 5 feet.  The entire flower consists of spikes of drooping tubular flowers.
     The plant which grows in full sun is considered heat and drought tolerant but watering is recommended during the driest periods of summer. They are considered to do well in mid-summer's heat.  To promote continuous blooms all the way to fall, it is recommended that you remove (known as deadheading) spent flower blooms.  In this case, it is recommended you remove the entire spike.
     After taking a close up back lighted photograph of this beauty, I added it to numerous products such as the invitation above and the iPad Speck® fitted hard case and business card below.  If you’d like to see more products, click HERE to visit TheAspenStand at Zazzle to check out the Torch Lily product category.
     I welcome comments on the post or my products.  Thanks. 
Radiant Torch Lily Photograph speckcase
Radiant Torch Lily profilecard

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