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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Meaning Do You See In It?

Missing Puzzle Piece mousepad
Missing Puzzle Piece by Exit178
Long ago, I shot and uploaded so many photos on stock photography sites that once in a while I come across one I'd totally forgotten.  I was reacquainted with this missing puzzle piece image when a friend ordered it as a print.  I really wanted to do something else with the photograph after I saw it mounted and framed.  I had an idea in mind when I originally shot it for stock photography but had not used it on any of TheAspenStand at Zazzle products.
I immediately went to work placing the photo on products and adding my personal touch.  So many ideas came to mind: individual, standout, independent, lost, holdout.  With those thoughts in mind, I added my ideas on different products to kindle ideas for buyers. As a template designed product, it allows each buyer to simply fill in template fields to personalize/change the text. On other products, I left it blank and the option to go into "Customize it!" where you can add your own thoughts if they desire.
Missing Puzzle Piece sticker
Missing Puzzle Piece by Exit178

The mouse pad above displays one of my ideas, while on the square sticker at the left there's a completely different thought process to identify personal property such as books and binders.  You will see the apron and reusable tote bag where I've cut out the border puzzle pieces to leave an uneven edged design.  While you are checking out those items on their respective product pages, be sure to see how the design looks on a different style and color tote and apron.
You can click HERE to see the "Missing Puzzle Piece" category currently containing 24 products and see what ideas they fuel for you.
The best part about the majority of TheAspenStand products is that you can personalize them for a special gift for someone else or for you.
Be sure to look at the Quantity drop-down menu at the top of the page to see if a Volume Discount might work for you. 

What meaning do you see for this missing puzzle piece?

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