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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Think I'm Doing This Right

     So am I doing this right?  I ask myself how to improve my store's presence as I read about other Zazzle shop keepers (SK) doing so well with their store(s).  Maybe this is just a rhetorical question and I’m writing this to make myself feel better…hmmm.  I know this sounds strange but I need to know what I’m doing right so I can do more of it and depart from whatever I’m doing wrong that is wasting my time.
     I’m absolutely ecstatic to add my photography and digital artwork to products but I’d really like to see my passion be seen and enjoyed by more people.
     So am I wasting my time?  My store TheAspenStand at Zazzle will be open two years in June and as of this writing, I’m bouncing around 2300 products.  I have consistently reached my goal of adding 100 new products per month since I set the goal sometime in 2009.  I probably average 20-30 products per design but only if the design does justice to the product.  I add designs with a critical eye and put great effort in descriptions, keywords and category selection. 
     My store is an eclectic collection of my photography and artwork so I don’t have a niche and know trying to come up with one would be a waste of time unless it hits me in the face.
     I’m active in TheZUG forum where I’ve learned so much from the congenial group of sharing Zazzle SKs that I probably wouldn’t have had as much success if not for spending time there. 
     I’m @Exit178 on Twitter where I’m quite interactive.  I have hourly scheduled posts most days to my Zazzle products, quotes that mean sometime to me and interesting reads.  I RT a lot of people’s tweets and I am quite interactive with people I follow and who follow me. I have a picture and bio on my ID with links to my Zazzle store and blog which I've read is vital.
     On my Facebook page TheAspenStand, I don’t try to overwhelm with what I’m selling but try to be interactive with other page owners when something is of interest do me.  I don’t just like, share or comment for the sake of doing it.
     I have this blog TheAspenStand, where I try to write at least once a week about photography, stock photography or my Zazzle store.
     I have two blogs on posterous, TheAspenStand and TAS Shadow.  TheAspenStand highlights products from my Zazzle store and on (TheAspenStand) TAS Shadow, I promote fabulous products and designs from other Zazzle shopkeepers.
     Tumblr, TheAspenStand, is still kind of an anomaly for me but I try to put up my photography there whether it’s a Zazzle product or just a photograph I like.
     I recently started puttering around with the TheAspenStand at WordPress because it was produced when there was a scare that Blogger was closing Zazzle shopkeeper blogs for no reason.  It had been sitting dormant since October which I know is doing me no good.
     I'm doing a couple of other options that I didn't mention but I figure you get the picture as to the major tools I use.  So if I’m on track with all this where can I do more or can I do less?   I think writing this out has been as helpful as talking out loud to myself.  Off to figure out what more I can do.
     I always appreciate feedback, so leave a comment or simply provide some thoughts.
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Krystal said...

I personally think you're doing a lot! I know the feeling - I often see shop keepers post about their success and I often wonder if I'm doing enough. I especially start questioning myself more when people sale bulk products. I'm not nearly doing as much as you, I can only seem to manage time with twitter, my one blog here on blogger, and on my facebook page.

When it comes down to it there's only so much you can do. I know I have most my sales coming from random places, I don't think there's been a single sale on one I've advertised or talked about yet.

I think when it comes down to it, you focus 20% on advertising and 80% on getting more designs that look good up, wouldn't you agree? There's only so much marketing you can do but when it comes down to it people love a variety.

Exit178 said...

Thanks for stopping by to comment Krystal.
I really try to do 50/50 which is probably why I can't seem to get more than 100 products published a month. I think you're absolutely right about needing variety in the store.
Sometimes I just can't get a design how I want so I take a break to advertise or read more on how to gain exposure. I guess part of the key is not spinning my wheels so when I have a block with designing, I turn to writing blog posts, learning more about marketing or actually marketing.