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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Four Uses One Product

"Save the Date" Lighted Heart by Exit178
I've seen postcards used in some innovative ways so this post offers you some of the ideas as to how I've used designs on postcards and shows how you can get a Volume Discount.  The ideas in this post don't alleviate you from using  these as a simple postcard too.  Click any of the postcard images here to see your options on the store product page.
     The first design is a lighted heart digital artwork "Save the Date" which can be used for wedding, wedding shower, baby shower, anniversary party or more.  The back is a customizable template with the same diminished opacity design where you can fill in and remove text for your needs.  
     If you mail it as a post card you save on postage but you can always place it in an envelope for mailing.  There is also a matching "Save the Date" stamp you can see HERE.  You can see this design with a red and white background when you click HERE .
Missing Puzzle Piece postcard 
Missing Puzzle Piece by Exit178

     The second design is a digital photograph of a blue streaked segment of a black background section of a jigsaw puzzle with a missing piece.
     It's another idea possibly for a social group meeting or a business open house announcement just as examples.  The front is a template but you can go into customize and add additional text on the back or leave it for a handwritten note.
     The third postcard was designed as a recipe card template which sports a colorful digital photograph of a water lily framed in colors plucked from the image.  The template fields are available on the front and back which can be changed or text removed to fit your needs.
     You don't have to buy multiples of the same postcard to receive a quantity discount. You'll receive a quantity discount on any order of 8 or more postcards!
     Below you can see the schedule of discounts when you order in bulk.  As you see by the chart, you'll receive a quantity discount on any order of 8 or more postcards! And you don't have to buy all the same postcard or all from one store.
Postcard Volume Discounts
Quantity Discount
8 - 24 postcards $0.12 off
25 - 49 postcards $0.20 off
50 - 99 postcards $0.25 off
100 - 249 postcards $0.30 off
250+ postcards $0.35 off
     Stop by TheAspenStand at Zazzle to see more than 150 postcard designs. I hope this has been helpful and I appreciate any feedback on my posts so please leave a comment if you found this post advantageous or to simply provide some thoughts on it.  And if you want to receive promotional emails please send an email to

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