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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Two Smart Money Saving Ideas

Click the image to see in store options.

     Promotion and Coupon Deals
     Yes, I said "last year" because it's getting close to that time when I need to do it again.  It was a smart way to save money on all the birthday and anniversary cards I would need for the upcoming year.   I made a list of all the cards I would need and I waited for a Zazzle promotion to order the greeting and note cards I needed for the entire year.  I even ordered Christmas cards.
     Ordering from Zazzle has an added incentive because you can select from thousands of designs that you can personalize such as this Mother's Day card where you can change the text on the outside and leave the inside blank for a hand written note or customize it for a any occasion inside and out.  Customize also allows you to order in either the 5" x 7" greeting card size or the 4" x 5.6" note size.
     You can take advantage of a promotion like I did by having me send you Zazzle sale and promotional emails.  Send me an email at asking for promotional emails and I'll forward you the link to the promotional information I receive.  You decide on which ones to take advantage of and make the most of those promotions.
Click the image to see in store options.
    Volume Discounts
     There is also another way to save on cards if you don't want to receive the promotional emails from me.  You can order greeting and note cards all at one time to receive a "Volume Discount" at Zazzle.
     You don't have to buy multiples of the same card to receive a quantity discount so you can peruse all the Zazzle stores to find what you are looking for and get the discount once you've added them all to your shopping cart.
     Zazzle has thousands of talented artists and designers like Deb Schmidt whose stores include Beachwalker's Time on the Beach and Woodswalker where you'll find designs like this beach scene card on the left.    
     Below you can see the schedule of discounts when you order in bulk.  As you see by the chart, you'll receive a quantity discount on any order of 10 or more cards! And as I mentioned earlier, you don't have to buy them all from one store. 
     I appreciate any feedback on my posts so please leave a comment if you found this post advantageous or to simply provide some feedback on it.  And if you want to receive the promotional emails please send an email to

Card Volume Discounts

Quantity Discount
10 - 19 cards $0.50 off
20 - 49 cards $1.20 off
50 - 99 cards $1.30 off
100 - 499 cards $1.40 off
500 - 1999 cards $1.60 off
2000+ cards $1.70 off

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